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December/January, 2009/2010


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This older article was expressing righteous outrage over the Michael Jackson absurdity a few months back.

As The World Goes Further Crazy!

From Yahoo Answers!

Not everyone is buying into (literally) the Christmas idea. Below is someone who is breaking through the illusion! Thanks God!

Why celebrate Christmas when it has pagan roots, knowing God hates anything pagan?

look it up in the Encyclopedia.... its not a Bible and tells you clearly the roots

or lets use one verse in the Bible to confirm that the reasons and timing of celebrating "Christ birth" isn't accurate!!

one verse I tell you: Luke recorded that when Jesus was born, "shepherds [were] living out of doors" minding their flocks. (Luke 2:8-11) If "living out of doors" had been their habit year round, that would not have been noteworthy.

Also the roots of Christmas aren't EVEN FOUND IN THE BIBLE but in pagan festivals! Now why, if its such an important holiday, wouldn't it even be specifically told of us to celebrate it or the roots explained of it

Jesus didn't even celebrate his own birthday, the only Celebration that we as Christians are specifically told to celebrate, (also the roots of this celebration are in the Bible) is the memorial of Christ's death. (Luke 22:19)

No other holiday, including Christmas, is written down in the Bible telling us to celebrate it!

So people might want to start reexamining the roots of these holidays, and understanding the real meanings! because if it was for Christians wouldn't it be specifically be mentioned in the Bible: roots of such practices and the command to celebrate it.

  • 3 weeks ago


Bravo! Bravo! My husband and I are 'holiday liberated'. It is a great feeling too. Not only is Christmas a man-made holiday with pagan origins but so is Easter. God specifically said to keep His Holy Days FOREVER. Leviticus 23

Jeremiah 10 even specifically said to NOT decorate trees with gold and silver and put them in a center position on boards so they do not move LIKE THE PAGANS DO.

What are people thinking to be so gullible to advertising and slick marketing going back to the days of the Romans??? Christ kept Passover and Feast of Tabernacles.

Let's all return to the correct Holy Days and celebrate those! This applies to all the religions. Not just Christianity. NO more man-made holidays! Just think of the money a person could save! Redirect that celebration energy to Feast of Tabernacles and it would be an incredible energy on earth which could make such a turnaround,,,,, it would be incredible.

Come on everyone,,,,come out of the hypnotized state and think and do your research!


Even better is to live the Truth and walk the Talk:

During a recent visit to Colorado to welcome a new family member (age 13, girl), the confusion immediately began when it was shared that I do not keep Christmas. After a great get to know you visit, she still wanted to give a gift in the spirit of love. At the appropriate time she was asked if she was freaked out over this whole non-Christmas idea and was asked, Who else does NOT celebrate Christmas? She replied, Jews. Being from a very small town and little exposure to anything other than Baptist, that was an impressive answer from one so young. We ended up having a wonderful and open discussion about the whole topic and using evidences from the Mission Website, sharing with her the contradictions of timing, tree trimming, etc. to create at least a reasonable doubt in her mind. She Googled about the Origins of Christian Holidays and got a confirmation of everything we talked about. Seed planted. J

Sarah then jumped into the conversation with her own reasons for believing the same things the Mission teaches and how Christmas was even outlawed until the mid-1800s and going back to the Romans changing the Holy Days to holidays of man, the German influence, etc.

God smiled. It is between the young girl and God now. Thanks God for the opportunity.

Movie Editing

A large amount of time has been spent this month in learning Software for movie editing. My husband and I will soon be continuing the videos for Revelation of The Revelation posted in You Tube.

A newly organized Production Company has asked me to join them. They are aware of The Mission and although have their own ideas, are thoroughly supportive. The intention is to get involved making Independent Short Films to submit to Film Festivals around the State of New Mexico and elsewhere. Well see where God wants to go with this!


Shirin e Khoda

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