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New York

December/January, 2009/2010

Sal-OM everyone,

In February and in March of this year I started to send some e-mails to friends and relatives to take a look at our Newsletter.

One friend saw me in the grocery market after she received the Newsletter and said she was looking forward to receiving future issues. She was quite taken with the New Man article by Maitreya in the March issue. Have seen her a few times since she received that March issue and she always comments on some part of the current issue.

Then noticed that some guests in Pal Talk spent a good bit of time in our rooms listening to the readings in All Religions Unified, or to Maitreya giving Satsang in the Discourse Room, or meditating with us in the meditation room.

So starting in July, new guests who spent some time in our rooms were sent IMs giving them our website address and inviting them to read our free newsletter. In July, 152 IM's were sent. 10 of those guests sent their e-mail addresses. They were sent the current Newsletter. There were others who said they went to the website and subscribed there.

This project has continued and now we are receiving about a 10% response with receiving e-mail addresses, plus the others who subscribe at our website. An average of 100 IM's have been sent each month from July through December.

Though many of these guests were not interested to receive our Newsletter, they had questions about our Mission and Its teaching. They received links to where they could find their answers on our website and/or the search button was brought to their attention. Some of them wanted to ask where they could find whatever it was they were listening to in the room. Mostly it was when Maitreya was giving Satsang. These were given links to those Satsangs, or readings.

There are other projects that are being worked on also. A few years ago a folder was started where ideas of projects to place on a website were kept. There may now be time to bring some of these ideas into fruition.

One of these projects is to finish the Feast recipes and menus from 2003 to 2009. The recipes and menus from 1991 through 2002 are already available on our website at this link:

This is an easy recipe website to navigate. In the introduction there is an explanation of how the site came about and how to navigate it. Have tested many of the links these past few weeks in working on the 2003 to 2009 recipes and menus, and found the links are working just fine. All are invited to take a look.

Ananda Ma

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