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US, North and South Carolina

December/January, 2009/2010

Sal-Om to everyone,

It's been a really quiet time for me this past month but I suspect a lot is happening (per Spirit) behind the scenes!

The Yellowbook Ad continues monthly at I would like to encourage anyone who can, to go and rate the Mission at the ad site. We currently have four people who have rated it and it would surely look great with more ratings. Thanks God to all who took the time to rate it thus far. To get there you need to type in a search for and type in Asheville, North Carolina for the area. Then type in Churches/Universalist (or instead of Universalist you can put All Nations or Unification)...and the Mission Ad should come up and you will see the place to rate it.

Also, an all thanks to God for Noor finding two minor mistakes on the ad and alerting me so Icould get them fixed. As Noor and I agreed wewant allMission advertising to be as perfect as possible!

Another project I have begun to work on is sending out The Letter to Humanity to some of the elected officials in North Carolina. I will continue to work on sending out more letters in January and eventually would like to send letters to South Carolina government officials as well.

I have made a web site at the place that Shirin (ATTG, for sharing that) mentioned in the last Mission Newsletter, It is located at

For me it is a slow experiment as I don't think I am currently very adept at this but I am willing to learn and to experiment to see how it goes. If anyone is so inclined to offer me any help or direction I am open to that, ATTG.

I have participated in New Alliance for Humanity at the Mission of Maitreya site there that Tahirah started. I enjoy looking for great quotes to post there and to reading the Mission quotes that others have posted. It has been just another good/God way to be connected, as alerts toeach newposting appear on my email, and then I have a wonderful quote to read at the click of the mouse while checking my emails.

I signed up at the Mission MySpace. But for some reason when I went to confirm it when I got an email from there it did not work. I may try again at some point.

Since I requested from the Mission to be able to be a contact for South Carolina it turns out that my sister's family is moving (from Asheville) to South Carolina, near Charleston. So now I will have two family members in that area, my mom and my sister.

Finally, I continue to read over the internet from THOTH on Mondays and to attend most or allof the Mission's services and online activities.

Sincerely Thankful to God,


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