Using Social Networking to Spread the Mission Online

As of now, the Mission is still small. However, it is definitely not lacking in people with devotion, enthusiasm, and a desire to spread it in any way possible. We all want to see the Message reach every person in the world, and Call them to our cause. The faster we find the Elects and show them the Truth, the faster we can create the Communities of Light and begin to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is our vision.

However, we do not currently have the resources for large campaigns, advertisements, missionary work, etc. So how do we, the few but willing, spread this Mission in the way that it should be spread? One possible answer may be: Online social networking.

Social networking (websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.) has become one of the most popular and most influential parts of the Internet world. It is not only for people; companies, governments, politicians, etc. use it extensively to market and/or promote themselves and their ideas. Why is it so powerful? It seems to be for two main reasons. First, anything that is put on one of these websites has the potential to reach millions of people all over the world. Second, using these sites effectively takes very little work, and, more importantly, its free :).

The Mission has already been using these sites. We have a presence on Facebook (here and here), on Myspace, and on Ning (Alliance for a New Humanity and Beyond Mind). On each of these sites, many of us have also made personal pages and posted the website, The Greatest Sign, etc. There are probably other sites where the Mission is listed as well. Some of these listings were created years ago, and have not been updated for a very long time. Yet, they still show the base of the Teachings, and provide a link to the website for anyone who comes across them.

That is the beauty of the Internet: Nothing goes away. It is not like putting up fliers, or giving a lecture. Fliers will rot, or fall off, or be taken or ripped up. A lecture will only reach those who attend it. However, almost everything you post or create on the Internet, especially on large, well-known websites (such as popular social networking sites), will stay, exactly as you made them, for years or even decades (or longer). Not only that, but you would be amazed how many people end up seeing what you have done. Without looking for them, I have found posts in forums from 2000, 2003, etc., telling people that Maitreya is here and linking to the website. I guarantee other people have also been finding them, year after year, one by one by one.

Therefore, there is a great opportunity to reach a huge number of people in a very simple way. If one of us finds a social networking site, sign up and create a page for the Mission. It doesnt have to be complicated: The Greatest Sign, the website, a small description, whatever else you feel inspired to add. Once you get the hang of it, a page like this takes less than 15 minutes to create. Then, let the rest of us know about it, so we can all join, create pages, and link to the Mission page. Suddenly, there are 10 new spots where someone can be directed to the Mission. Repeat this a few times, and before we know it the Mission will be everywhere.

We can also continue to expand on the bigger websites, such as Facebook and Myspace. These websites are constantly coming out with new widgets, experiments, etc. When Facebook started, you could only make personal profiles. Then it added groups. Now it has fanpages (where people can support artists), causes (where people can support and donate to cures, charities, etc.), addons, etc. So, why not a Mission page (we have one!), and a Mission cause, and a Mission addon? If we quietly add a small Mission element to each of these, once again we may soon find that the Mission is spreading like wildfire.

I am not saying that this is all that we can do on social networks. Indeed, what has been happening on Alliance for a New Humanity (all the posting, inviting of people, etc.) is a great example of how much more can be done! I am also not saying that fliers, lectures, etc. are not wonderful ways to spread the Teachings. However, with the few resources and people we have, it is important to think about how we can reach the most people with the least amount of time and effort. This approach to the Internet and social networking may be one of our best options. If we put a little bit of the Mission in every nook and cranny, perhaps the rest will fill itself in.

All thanks to God for the tools He gives us to do His Will.


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