Closing Paltalk Rooms

It seems God is giving all indications that we have to move on from using Paltalk. Social networking is becoming more useful and a better outlet for Mission outreach. So we are shifting our focus from using Paltalk to spread the Word, to social networking and social media (which includes social networking, as well as sites such as YouTube, FourSquare, etc.).

We encourage everyone to also shift their focus to social media, participate in all available social networking outlets, and help each other to become proficient in using them. Tahirah will be the central point (leader) in this regard, and you can coordinate with her to make this work for everyone so we can use this wonderful outlet the most efficiently for God's Work.

We can see that God may also be pushing us in this direction because the Paltalk service seems to be going downhill. Their user population seems to be declining, their ads are becoming worse and more intrusive, their servers are often down, their customer service is almost nonexistent, etc. Therefore, we feel the time and energy we are putting into keeping up 4 rooms is being wasted, and would give more fruit if it was spent on social media. We decided that we still need one room to broadcast services and live events, but the others are not worth keeping.

Therefore, we have decided to close 3 out of the 4 rooms we currently have running 24/7. Only our main room, "All Religions Unified...", will remain open. We will also move all activities and recordings to this room. Therefore, instead of having a room playing only meditation classes, a room playing only chants, etc., we will have one room playing a random selection of readings, Satsangs (Discourses) by Maitreya, meditation classes, chants, etc. All live events, such as services, meditation classes, etc., will be held in this room as well.

As a side effect of this move, we are also removing all low-quality recordings from the playback list. The recordings played in the new room will all be high quality, clear, and easily understood and listened to.

The closing of the rooms and all other necessary changes will happen on October 15.

For full details on what will be broadcast in the new room, please check our conference room page and activities page after the move.

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