New Project Managers

We have decided to release some of the Mission's projects to be coordinated and led by certain Mission members based on their talents, situations, and experience with the subject. They still report to the Mission Center, but the projects are released to them, and everyone interested in those projects should contact and work with them. We have selected two of these project managers so far:

  1. Dottie Rappaport or Tahirah (Light Bearer) is now in charge of Mission meditation and social networking outreach. Therefore, if you have questions about meditation, the Universal Mantra Meditation process, etc., or if you are interested in giving Mission meditation classes on Paltalk or in your area, please contact her. Also, all matters about social networking, including questions about using social networks, if you have joined a new social network, if you would like to start an official Mission page on a social network, etc., should be sent to her. Tahirah can be contacted by email at

  2. mitkaan ifti or Unus (Light Bearer and Round Table member) is now in charge of creating centers to train people to become strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, if you have any interest in starting, working for, or joining a center like this, please let him know. This project (and Unus's expertise) also includes innercise (yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and anything else that works with chakras, the flow of energy, etc.) and exercise (sports, dance, weightlifting, etc.), so all questions about these topics should also be referred to him. Unus can be contacted by email at

We have several other people in mind to head up other projects, and may select and announce them in the future. We hope that this new method will bring greater fruit to these projects, and help the Mission to expand and grow further.

Please understand that becoming a project manager is by invitation only, and we are not looking for applicants. However, if you have a talent that might fit into the Mission's vision, please send your qualifications for consideration to the Mission. Such talents might include: Community planning and development, creation of soup kitchens and reaching to the poor and prisoners, development and efficient use of solar energy, creation of search and rescue teams, and any other projects that the Mission could use to reach out and help humanity, etc.

If you have any other questions about this new system, please email us.

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