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It has been a while since we have had an article of answers to emailed questions. Here are answers to an email with many questions in it that I felt might have some useful points to help many (questions in brown, answers indented and in blue):

When do you have PalTalk, or any IM, question and answer chats? I found one today but later realized it was only a recording. I have many questions I seek your groups viewpoint from. Here are a few:

It has been for some time that I am only available once or twice a year for question and answer sessions during our Feast of Tabernacles celebration.

1. I noticed your use of the Yin and Yang in "The Greatest Sign". I find the concept of dualism very interesting and have occasionally studied it and how it presents itself in the fabric of reality for some. I am especially interested in the schism of thought in religion where each religion has a mystical/spiritual side and a more concrete/physical side, such as Kabbalah within Judaism, Sufism within Islam, Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism within Hinduism, and Christian mysticism (and arguably Gnosticism) within Christianity. I also find this in government politics with most of society existing in camps of polar opposites. Does this Mission view this schism as natural or unnatural, and what are your thoughts in this matter?

You can see this dualism in the I-Ching and also in the Western idea of thesis and antithesis. Basically any idea or situation (thesis) has a force against it called antithesis. There is a struggle between these two forces. Eventually one of them succeeds in overcoming the other one, or they merge and become one. This new situation will have its own antithesis, and the struggle continues.

The Mission, however, goes beyond this never-ending theory of struggle between thesis and antithesis and reveals that the reason there is an antithesis is that any specific situation reaches its saturation point and that is when the next period or thesis has to start. So the very presence of the antithesis is the beginning of struggle to bring about the next period of progress. This has been explained in our teaching as the cyclical movements in society and history. There are laborers (Shudras) who are led by courageous ones (Ksattriyas), and when the time is ripe, the courageous ones are replaced by intellectuals (Vipras) and those who use technology and political subtleties. Then, when the time is reached for merchants and business people (Vaeshyas), they take over.

In each period the new class becomes the antithesis to the previous one. Laborers resist the warrior class (courageous ones, practitioners), warriors resist the intellectual class (theoreticians), and, eventually, laborers, warriors, and intellectuals oppose the business class. Then the new cycle starts and this continues forever. It is these cyclical movements which create the theses and antitheses.

These cyclical movements, however, can be controlled and smoothed out by those who understand them and take action before the coming of the next cycle is forced on society. Such people will help these transitions occur without any violence. As they master these cyclical social movements, there eventually will be a time that society will no longer be affected by these cyclical movements as they are managed in the smoothest way possible!

For further information on this topic, read The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth in THOTH, our main Literature (Scripture) in our website.

2. How does the Mission view the Flood period and the idea of fallen angels (watchers) which, supposedly, the Flood came to wipe out the children of the wicked, which were said to be on the earth both then and during the time of revelation?

Humans were different before the Flood of Noah. They mostly were made of psychic energy and spirit. They had direct access to spiritual powers. They misused these powers and so were replaced by the man we know today. We lost that direct access to spirit (our third eyes were closed) but created greater intellectual capacity (analyzing the external world). This happened around 12,000 years ago.

We now are going toward having our telepathic and spiritual powers returned to us. However, we have to learn our lessons that God has given to us in the last 12,000 years of history, and the Revelations He has sent us, before this happens (receiving our powers back). This is for our own good. By learning these lessons and realizing the Laws of God (in His Scriptures), we will not misuse them again and will use them for the purpose the universe is created for (to become Divine, Go back to God, etc.). If we do not learn these lessons we will not receive our powers back.

So the human is at a critical point. They have to realize what God has been doing in the last 12,000 years. They should submit to His Will instead of continuing their egoistical ways. Indeed you can say this is the second time of the Purification. As the wicked were destroyed in the Flood of Noah, so again those who do not understand these Truths will not make it to the next human evolutionary leap!

3. How does the Mission view altered states, how they should be engaged, and what methods past Bodhisattvas used to become enlightened? I would come to the conclusion that one would likely have psychosis if he/she were to fast for 40 days. Each epiphany in the holy books is usually after a long period of fasting. Some historians say the number 40 may have meant a "long period of time" instead of actually 40 days. I must note I am not making an atheist point on this, as I am agnostic and always searching for the truth in each religion, and am just inquiring on the process of the divination techniques in the past and aligning them with science-based thought and definitions at this time. I ask because I am interested in the subject of altered states of consciousness, from light altered states like contemplative thought, prayer, meditating and music, all the way to more intense forms such as long periods of intense fasting, psychoactive plants, and people with predispositions to altered states. On this same line of thought, could these altered states relate to the forbidden fruit in which Adam became enlightened that he was not wearing clothes after he bit from it, which then God says they are like us now knowing good and evil?

According to our teaching, you will not reach the Goal by yourself alone. You have to listen to God and His Revelations (Revealers). None of the techniques you mentioned above will help you if you do not follow what God has Revealed through His Prophets. What He has Revealed is what the Mission teaches, which includes all the Revelations from all the Great Religions on earth. So read our teachings and follow them instead of following your own ideas and opinions. Anything before this Revelation is not perfect. So everyone should stop wasting their time and understand the depth of Gods Work as He has Revealed through His Scriptures.

This does not mean do not think, but to meditate and see the Truth. This means: Prove that Gods Words are the Truth and see the Depth of His Will in every situation. Do not become a blind follower. Also, do not use your opinions and human ideas as Gods and an explanation for the Scriptures. He has sent many Prophets, with clear Scriptures, to Guide us to understand the Depth of His Ways. If we mix our ideas with His Revelations then we are making His Work ineffective. We water down the Depth of His Words.

So again read the teachings and you will see that all the things you asked above are clearly answered. For example, the story of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil means a completely different thing in the Mission than what you have above.

4. How does the Mission view psychic powers and intuition and how does it represent itself in the mind of man? What are the powers behind this intuition? Is it a single spirit that represents itself in each mans mind and body? For example, in the mind such as the higher thoughts with teachings too precise and seem to come from something with more knowledge than yourself? Or in the body such as when youre about to do something in spite of your best judgment and you get a horrible feeling in your stomach, or when you have amazing thoughts and your head gets a buzzing of some kind? Is this a single spirit, angels, spirit guides, God, or something else? What are the internal workings and organization of this Gnosis?

It is all God. God is everything. Intuition is the Knower that is us. Those who rely on their senses will not Know but try to explain. Those who rely on Spirit Know but cannot explain!

So intuition is the Knower (God) within you!

The Great and amazing thoughts/feelings are the Touch of God (our Purest Self) upon us. It happens when the world is not pulling us down and we are not drawn into Maya. This only happens when we either have simplified our life to the point that we do not need the external world and its (worlds) demands, or have created the Communities Of Light where there is cooperation, sharing, and the physiological and safety needs of everyone are met, and again the external world has no power over a person. We then have the Freedom of Spirit to experience the Freedom of the Spirit of God (the Amazing Thoughts, etc.).

Since humans like to give credit to anything but God, they call these phenomena angels, spirit guides, etc. The inner working of all these is the Purity of the Heart. The greater this Purity, the greater the Guiding Light and Unity of man and God!

We do not seek psychic powers; indeed we shun them. The Goal is not to gain these powers (Siddhis) but to be Unified with our origin, God!

I have tried to answer your questions one at a time. However, most of your paragraphs seem to have more than one question in them, especially this one. So, I will break your paragraphs that have more than one question in them into sections to deal with them more easily. They will be numbered 5.1, 5.2, ... etc.

5.1. How does the Mission view channeling or contacting spirits such as the religion Spiritualism claims to be possible and actively engages in? Are they actually channeling spirits? Is this positive or negative in your Missions view?

Remember when Saul asked God for Guidance and God did not answer him? It was then that he asked, "...his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her (1 Samuel 28:7)." It seems God no longer was talking to Saul and he became desperate and went to a woman (psychic) to ask her something that God would not tell him about any longer. The Grace was taken away from him and so he went to man (human) instead of looking within himself and understanding why God had withdrawn the Grace from him (abandoned him)! That is a fall of the Spirit and is not recommended.

The woman whom he sought did help him to bring Samuel from beyond, but Samuel did not seem to be very happy that he did that. Samuel told him that God had abandoned him and would no longer talk to him, etc. God had put His Face against him. He had not learned his Lessons that God was trying to teach him so he was rejected from His Presence. No matter what God put in his cup it overflowed. He thought that he knew better than God did. He thought he was a teacher, and s/he who thinks s/he is a teacher will not learn from God in the way that a person whose cup is empty (is a student) will!

So Seek only God and no one else. Learn of God and know you only will receive more if you realize that you have to empty your cup to receive the Blessings and further connections with God.

5.2. Going back to my prior question about mysticism in the religions, it seems some of the mystical sides of religions allow this and the more physical sides of religions say this is a sin.

Yes, that is true. The physical part of each religion has set up some dogmas for their followers. They do not teach that you should Experience God. They say, listen to us (the preachers) as you have no power to approach God yourself. It is the beginning of the power trip by the priest class. As the craving for power is unlimited, they increase their hold on man more and more until they reach a point that they have absolute power over them (over man). And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

It is then that people might revolt against the priest class, and we have seen this happen in all religions. Then their followers lose their trust in their religions (dogmas). Since they always thought they could not approach God by themselves (Mystical Paths), they do not try to experience God. They become anti-religion and reject God with it. They and the society will be Lost! That is the state of most religions at this time.

Now if man realizes that God can/should be experienced directly by the individual, then the priest class loses their power over them, and those who experience God directly will teach others to do the same. The society will return to God, and that is when they find the way back to the Path of God. They all strive to Follow it and help to bring the Kingdom Of God (His Ways) back to man.

5.3. I see the area of psychics and mediums as muddy waters that have both light (truth) and darkness (deception) just like any other spiritual path may have in the world. Also I see the spirits they connect to as positive and negative, and even the medium may be deceived, but not that all of it is evil.

Seek only God and bypass all others so you will be one of those who become the Straight Arrow and go to God in the Shortest Path. Know Gods Will which is Revealed in His Scriptures. Listen to the Prophets and see how all followed God and His Will. Realize that the Last Revelation from God has come to humanity and it is His Final Testament and Will. Follow It!

5.4. For me to some degree I see all demonization that produces fear and stops people from investigating things as a form of deception.

Man might have ideas and opinions. However, that does not mean they are from God. If your opinion is not the same as Gods Ways, then those opinions will lead you to the path of darkness and destruction. Seek God and His Words. Bend your opinions into His Will and Purpose so that they will be much better for you and all those around you!

Do not hesitate to search and investigate, but always compare what you read with the teachings so you will not be lost! If you can remember where each religion falls in the teachings and what the Will of God is, then you are encouraged to investigate, as you will always have guideposts to return you to the Source. Without our teachings it is easy to become confused and lost!

6. What is the Missions view of the idea of the story of Christ being an allegory for the Winter Solstice? I know this is an atheist viewpoint, but I find it very interesting and seek to determine its truth but aligning it with spirituality rather than atheism. I have not fully inquired on its historical accuracy yet but I am interested in your view and if you have heard of it before.

For that please see:

These are all speculations by man, who try to discredit Gods Work and Truth. The Truth of the matter is that God did Promise Abram (Abraham) that many things would happen to His (Abrams/Abrahams) children, and all those promises have come true. One of them was that Prophets (Messiahs) would come from Ishmael and Jacob (Israel). The One that came from Jacob was Christ, and the One that came from Ishmael was Prophet Muhammad. These are all explained in our teachings, and you should read our teachings before asking questions that have been already answered by them.

Therefore, it does not matter what anyone says. The Truth is that God said Christ would come and He did. These extra explanations and opinions, which are trying to divert the attention of man from God to their opinions, should be rejected, and Gods Words should be understood and recognized as the Truth.

Christ came as the Messiah/Prophet of God. He is the Only Way. However, He came Seven Times, and the Way is the culmination of all His Comings! These are all explained in our teaching, and are available in our website.

7.1. What is the Missions view of astrology? It is said that it is one of the teachings these "Fallen Angels" taught man before it was to be revealed. I have an interest in astrology, and I, at this time, do not see it as evil as some that have demonized it do. I also see it as possibly being real but have not come to a conclusion on that yet. I also think the present day form of it is not as accurate as it was in ancient times, with only the Vedic form being the closest but still not correct. I feel that in this new age it needs to be aligned with scientific knowledge in some way.

Astrology has some truth in it. However, it is not a perfect science. In fact, if you want to truly know the effect of the stars on a person at the time of their birth, you should consider the total effect the whole universe has on this event. Even then, the Will of God for that person might not be completely the same as all these effects and so the outcome will be different than one might predict. Considering the effect of the whole universe is an almost impossible task by itself. That is why there are some truths in astrology, but it will not, and should not, replace the realization of: What is the Will of God for me (or anyone)!

7.2. It seems that since the world has separated science and religion, things deemed to be religious have only been studied subjectively and things scientific have only been studied objectively. I think this new age will bring subjectivity to science and objectivity to religion.

This already has been done! The Mission brings Spirit and science together. In fact, our teaching accepts science as a viable way to verify what God has already created. There is no separation between the two. However, there will always be a thin veil between the two, as science has to be objective and seek to prove that what is in the universe can be verified by the scientific method. They cannot just say: God created it this way, and that is the way it is. If they do that they are no longer scientists but mystics. So there is a point where science cannot go any further.

This should not become a reason to reject God and believe that they (scientists) can explain everything; they cannot. That is why many scientists gloss over their discoveries in such a way that the final question is not asked. For example, they say the whole creation began with the Big Bang. However, they cannot explain what was before the Big Bang, who started the Big Bang, where the materials used in creation have come from, where the Laws governing the creation have come from, etc. etc. etc. Those are the questions that the mystic will experience and is certain of. The mystic then teaches you how to do the same: To experience it!

If science accepts this limitation, and religion accepts the validity of scientific experiments and validation of the Laws of the universe with study and experimentation, then they can live together side by side, in peace. Both are true and should not reject the other. They are part of the same Essence. There is a limitation in how far science can go. This creation was created by the Greatest Logic (God) and it was created self-sustaining. Since it was created self-sustaining, some scientists might conclude that no Creator is needed. However, that is not correct, as the self-sustaining Laws had to be set in motion by someone (God).

7.3. I feel a desire to align astrology with astronomy and test its accuracy when practiced according to the current world standards of accuracy. This would mean using the natural zodiac rather than the seasonal-based one, and including the 13th sign Ophiuchus. I have a thought that the zodiac became frozen in time during the time of the Babylonians and has not taken into account the precession of the equinoxes which changes (progresses) the periods of the year after each age.

As explained above, not only do you have to consider constant changes in the zodiac, but also the effect of the whole universe on the birth time of each person. You can see that no matter what you do, you will not be able to make this 100% accurate. Even after you have the precession of the zodiac calculated correctly, God might have something else in Mind and all your calculations will come to nil! So the best is to accept astrology as an imperfect way to have some idea of what it concludes, but rely on God and seek His Will for each person!

You are encouraged to try to make it as perfect as you can, if you can! However, never forget what has been explained above!

8. How does the Mission view the precession of the equinoxes and the idea of the progression of ages in astrology? For example, we are now leaving Pisces, the fish, and entering the water bearer, Aquarius, which is the time Jesus said he would be with us:

"And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in." (Luke 22:10)

It seems this is a huge leap from a simple instruction to such a far-reaching conclusion! It is amazing how humans find ways to use the Words of God to support their agendas and opinions. Indeed, they take words out of context to prove their ideas.

Again read our teachings, which are the Words of God. A New Era is approaching fast, not because astrology says so, but because God, in His Scriptures, says so. If you want to call this new era Aquarius, that is fine, but it will not follow what astrologers believe will happen. In fact it will not last around 2,000 years (the length is dependent on what method you use) but 1,000. At the end of this time, the final human salvation will come.

So we can see again that what the popular belief is and what God has in Mind are two different things!

9. What is the Missions view of dualism and is this a natural phenomenon or manmade? For example, Jews believe that the devil is only acting out a part for God while most Christians believe that this negative force is in defiance of God and trying to become God.

Evil is whatever diverts you from going to God. However, evil is also the best teacher, as when we choose more and more not to follow evil, we become better (Good/God). The best is to concentrate on God so no evil can touch you. Those religions which concentrate on the Devil more than on God will know Evil/Devil well but will not Know God!

Actually, dualism is very similar to the idea of Thesis and Antithesis, which was explained above. The I-Ching represents this idea the best. The two sides of this theory are endlessly chasing one another. However, there is a third element that all I-Chings lacked for the last 12,000 years until this teaching came to earth again. If you look at the I-Ching in the Mission, besides the white and blue parts, there is an orange-red dot in the center. It is only in this center that there is no dualism and the calmness prevails! It is like the eye of the hurricane. Only being in the center (being One with the Spirit, following the nature or Daharma) will eliminate this dualistic, never-ending up and down flow of life. The center is the Goal!

Thank you so much for reading my email as I am very interested and open to your teachings. I look forward to your answers and please take as much time as you need to give a full and detailed response. I would rather wait a year for a thorough personal response from a knowledgeable representative of your faith then a week for a general response.

No problem, we hope these will help you. If they did not, we leave you to God and pray that His Guidance leads you back to us in the future!


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