Snippets by Maitreya

September/October 2010

This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on some news items He reads during the month, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Calif. solar plant, to be world's largest, wins key approval: It seems that anytime the Mission concentrates on anything, the rest of the world starts working on whatever the Mission is interested in. We have been concentrating on renewable energy for the last few months, and suddenly the projects for and discussions on this topic have mushroomed. Even the US president has decided to install solar panels on the top of the White House.

Now, in this article about the California solar plant, we can see they are starting a huge project of renewable energy. But do we need these projects on this scale, or on a small scale as the Mission has envisioned? Having these projects on a large scale means we will again give up our power to large corporations and/or the government. Small, self-sufficient units mean greater control by individuals and greater freedom and flexibility for humans. In fact, the current state of humanity is mostly because of the amount of power the large scale companies and governments (based on these companies) have accumulated. Self-sufficient Communities Of Light (or any community) will regain their power and many present geopolitical problems will vanish!

2. God did not create the universe, says Hawking: The famous physicist Stephen Hawking has declared that the Laws in the universe are responsible for its creation. He argues that these Laws are constant in the universe and that they are self-sustaining and permanent. Although he might have referred to the realization that God has created these Laws in his previous writings, he had not Experienced that it is the Truth! So, he had not truly realized (experienced) that God created this universe self-sustaining, as it was revealed in THOTH more than 30 years ago. He also does not know that God talked to Abram (Abraham) and promised him that he would have two sons and Prophets would come from them, or that God, around 12,000 years ago, changed humans from being more spirit to being more intellect, or that God created history to make man realize that He exists and is in control, etc. Whenever He (God) lets man have the control, he (man) messes it up, etc. Mr. Hawking should join us and read how God has been Guiding humans so he also would realize that God exists!

3. Planet hunters find exoplanet that could potentially support life (video, also see video embedded below): Does this mean there is life out there? One of our teachings is that the possibility of life out there is greater than us being alone. God created the universe self-sustaining, and since life is already everywhere, whenever the necessary components for life are present, it will manifest. What is needed is: A planet with water in liquid form, an atmosphere, and the other necessary components for life to evolve (unless there is no life that needs to progress back to God). If these things are present in the planet they have found, there will be life. Now, what kind of life? That by itself is a huge question that depends on many factors present in this newly discovered planet!

4. Former Military Men Affirm UFO Activity Near Nuke Sites in Newly Released Audio Taped Interview (video 1, video 2, video 3): Is there any truth in this latest news about UFOs? Again, we said years ago that the possibility of life out there is greater than there being none. Now the question is: What kind of life forms are they? Are they friendly, hostile, a combination (some hostile and some friendly), etc.? If the claims of these officers turn out to be true: Where are these life forms coming from and how? If other beings really are visiting us, we can learn much from them about space travel and that should help us to bring greater peace and unity on earth. Add to that our teachings, and we will have a United planet earth under One God, which will include these beings. Our God is their God as well! Maybe a United Intergalactic Society!


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