Newsbrief Now Published
Every 2 Months

We are finding it to be increasingly difficult, with such a small staff, to publish the Newsbrief monthly. We send the Newsbrief out on the 10th of each month. Two weeks later we have to start preparing for the next issue. It seems we just finish the Newsbrief for the previous month and we have to almost immediately start putting in a lot of effort to do it all over again.

We have also recently initiated many other projects for the Mission that are cutting into the time and resources needed to prepare the Newsbrief. One of these projects is to start learning about and working towards self-sufficiency, growing our own food, bringing the latest technology to farming and agriculture, and creating a community that relies on its own resources as much as possible. This project has taken much of Noor's time and energy, and so we have almost lost a very active and productive member of the staff to these efforts.

Furthermore, it seems that for those who like to send reports and articles, only one month between deadlines is too short of a time. We hope this change will provide more time for people to reach out for the Mission and prepare reports and articles with greater depth.

For these reasons (as well as some others), we have decided to publish the Newsbrief every other month instead of every month. Perhaps, when we have the resources to do so, we will go back to a monthly Newsbrief, or even expand it further (publish it in both electronic and hard copies, etc.). Indeed, we would eventually like to have a well-established and efficient setup (organization) for our newsletters to be distributed worldwide to reach anyone who would like to read them and understand the Mission and our teachings.

For the time being, however, we will revert a little and only publish this Newsbrief every other month.

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