Mission Dating Added
to Newsbrief

We have decided to add the dating suggested in the Mission (Maitreya's Calendar or MC) to the Newsbrief. Therefore, from now on, the issue date (found at the top right of the Newsbrief, just underneath the banner) will be listed in both Mission (MC) and Gregorian dating. In this way, not only will we use Gregorian dating for the public (who are more familiar with it at this time) but we will also include the Mission way of dating to begin acclimating humanity to understand Gods way of keeping dates and calendars.

Since the Newsbrief is a business outreach for the Mission, we use Maitreya's solar calendar for it, not the lunar calendar. As it is explained in THOTH, the solar calendar is for business and worldly use, and the lunar calendar is for spiritual events. That is why the calculations for the Feasts and Holy Days are based on the lunar calendar, but all business aspects (such as the Newsbrief) are based on the solar.

To read more about our dating system, see the explanation of the Calendar of God in the Mission website.

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