Changes to Reports Section

We have noticed that the reports section seems to be the least-visited part of the Newsbrief. We thought this might partly be because of the somewhat convoluted design of the section. It would take 3 or 4 clicks to get to any report, viewers would have to look closely to see which reports were new and which were not, information was repeated on multiple pages, etc.

Therefore, in an attempt to condense and improve the section, as well as increase interest in reading it, we have redesigned it to be much simpler and more streamlined. Now, there is a single, main reports page, where all the reports (from Light Bearers, Light Bridges, and Light Seekers) can be accessed with a single click. Also, only new reports are listed, eliminating any confusion about which reports to read.

We hope these changes will be seen as improvements by everyone. We encourage you send any feedback, suggestions to further improve it, etc. to Let us know if you like it or do not like it, and how to make it even better. ATTG.

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