Reports from Light Bearers

US, Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale

Sal-Om all,

Thanks God for the opportunity again to share the "happenings" with the Mission of Maitreya in our communities.

Last month I reported sending in an article to the Broward County, Florida branch of the Natural Awakenings magazine, a very well-received local branch with a huge circulation (almost 30,000 according to their website), and was very happy to find the article has been published on two pages of their November issue. It is entitled "An Interview with Maitreya about Daharma". Check it out: Natural Awakenings' November issue: "Simple Living". The article is on pages 38-39. You can click on the pages to enlarge them so you can read it more easily.

This interview with Maitreya has also been shared on a few of the social networks as well as passing the magazine along to others via hardcover and email.

I am continuing to work more with the Care2 social network, as well as others. The Mission has made it so easy now: With just a click on the SHARE button on the right of each page on the website, you can automatically post that page on any of the social networks where you have become a member, i.e., Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, Care2, etc. ATTG!

Also, I have again spoken to people interested in meditation locally and hope to create another meditation class in the near future. The Wednesday night classes online are still active in the "All Religions Unified" room that is open on Paltalk.

For a community service this month, I cooked a dinner for a family of 4 who was moving out of their home to another area nearby.

Again, if anyone is interested in meditation classes or social networking, I am available and can be reached at my email address,

May we all work together for the good (God) of All.


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