Reports from Light Bridges

US, Colorado

Sal-Om all,

This month we continued to edit the Mission Amazon Author Page video. A copy of it is up and running; however, there is room for improvement when we learn more about Amazon's conversion, resolution, etc. requirements. There is also a copy of the video on YouTube which can be downloaded and used in places such as social networks, webpages, or other outreach formats.

Facebook has so many spiritual groups to share with. Often I look for key words in someone's post to relate to (i.e. kundalini, karma, etc.) and share a Mission link and comment. If a conversation gets going, it goes out to all the connected friends as well.

A link was shared on the Mission Facebook page re: the video on YouTube and also the Amazon Author page to learn more about the Mission literature.

A person emailed after watching a Mission video on YouTube. It was a long email with someone confused about the Creme group. This was his 2nd email. Again, gave more clarification about The Maitreya and the Mission website and encouragement to check out prophecies, the differences between the Mission and Creme, and to read THOTH. No response back as of yet.

Another email from YouTube said: "Also: It cannot be a serious suggestion that Maitreya himself will come on the chat to chat with his followers on this website? For real..." Of course that just opens a door to send more information and links back to him on how to do exactly that! So nothing is ever wasted.

Thanks to God for all His Graces.



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