Reports from Light Bridges

New York

Sal-Om everyone,

As in previous months, placed a link to the most recent Newsbrief (October in this case) on Care2, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Have begun a list of old friends to find them on Facebook and update them on what is happening with the Mission of Maitreya since we were last in communication. One friend has answered so far and asked how the Mission was doing. We lost touch about 8 years ago and now he has our website URL and info on the Newsbrief.

The woman who walks with the senior citizens who was given the Website URL last month told me that she went to the website and that she wanted to study it more in depth.

Tahirah emailed the link to the Natural Awakenings magazine where an article she sent to them for publication was in print (for more information, see Tahirah's report). It seemed to me that I had seen and read some issues of that magazine here in New Mexico. Through Google found this link that shows the magazine goes out, "In 81 U.S. communities in 35 states along with Puerto Rico & Toronto, Canada." When you click "about us" the question is asked, "Would you like to reach our almost 3 million readers?"

Found the phone number for the local branch here in Santa Fe, New Mexico (from the link above anyone can contact the magazine's agents in any area) and have placed a call to the person in charge hoping to learn the procedure to place Mission of Maitreya articles for publication in this area. Will also phone the branch or branches in New York for the same purpose.

Ananda Ma

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