New Donations/Tithes Page

A new donations and tithes page for the Mission has been created: To access this page, go to "Buy, etc." and then "Donations" on the right side menu of the website. This page can also be accessed through the "Donate" button in the Newsbrief (at the bottom of the "Spotlights" section), and through the Mission e-Commerce, under "Tithes/Donations."

Using this new donations page, it is now very easy to donate and/or send tithes over the Internet. It is even possible to set up automatically recurring donations or tithes (set an amount to automatically be sent to the Mission every week, month, etc.).

To set up a recurring donation or tithe, in the section of the donations page called "Tithes or Recurring Donations," enter the required information and click the "Donate" button. You will then be taken to a confirmation of your donation, and be asked to enter payment information. If you would like to donate through Paypal (if you have an account), enter your login information on the lower right of the page. If you would like to donate using a credit or debit card, look for "Dont have a Paypal account?" on the lower left of the page and click on "Continue" nearby. After choosing a payment option, simply follow the instructions on your screen to complete the donation.

To make a single donation, click the "Donate" button in the section of the donations page called "One-time Donation." At the top of the next page, enter the amount you would like to donate and click "Update Total." Then choose payment information and complete your donation as described above.

We hope that this new Mission donations page will help in donations and tithes. We expect that the recurring payments option will be especially useful. Those who give monthly tithes can set it up to be completely automatic, without the hassle of postage, checks or money orders, etc.! Also, those who simply wish to give a repeating donation can now do so easily.

Any suggestions on how to improve the page, or questions about how to use it, are of course welcome. Please send your emails to

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