MOM Meeting Moved
to GoToMeeting

From now on, the monthly Mission Members meeting will be held in a conference service called GoToMeeting. Although Paltalk (where the meetings were previously held) is a good program, it also has many problems, and is not ideal for holding online meetings. The GoToMeeting service, on the other hand, is specifically designed for online meetings, and is very powerful and easy to use. GoToMeeting also has very good sound quality (much better than Paltalk). Therefore, we are moving our meetings to this new service.

To join the meeting room in GoToMeeting, simply click on this link (or copy and paste it into your browser): This link will always remain the same, and can be used to join the room every month. The link will take you to a webpage where the GoToMeeting program will automatically download (if nothing happens, click on Manually download the software on the page). You may have to tell your antivirus programs or firewalls to allow the download.

Once the program downloads, you will enter the meeting room. (Note: If the room has not yet been opened by the moderator, you will be put on a waiting list until it is opened). Once you are in the room, spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the GoToMeeting layout; it is very intuitive, but may be confusing at first. You should be able to speak and hear immediately. However, if you have trouble, you can click on "Audio Setup" just below the microphone volume bar, and look through the options presented.

The audio in GoToMeeting is voice activated, and there is no push to talk option; therefore, please make sure you are in a quiet place with a good microphone. If this is not possible, an alternative is to go to "mute" mode and un-mute yourself when you want to talk. To do this: Click on the button with the picture of a green microphone. A red line should appear over the microphone, showing that you are muted. By doing this no noise from your computer can be heard in the room. However, you can still hear the room conversation. When you want to talk, just push the button again, so the red line disappears, and talk.

If you were able to join and participate in the Members meeting in Paltalk, you should have no trouble in GoToMeeting. In fact, in many ways GoToMeeting is easier to use than Paltalk. However, to make sure there are no problems, for the next few meetings we will also open the MOM Members room in Paltalk, and direct anyone who joins to GoToMeeting. If you have any trouble with GoToMeeting, please join the room in Paltalk and we can help you from there. Hope to see everyone in the room next month!

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