Pronunciation in Morning Readings

In the Teachings there are some words that are not so easy to pronounce without first hearing their correct pronunciation, such as Paravipra, Ksattriya, Iliyin, Khatam, etc. These are only some of the new words that the Teachings are bringing to the English language in helping to form the new Universal Language for the World.

In this process, it is very important for us not to cause any confusion for the future generations as to how to pronounce these words. This is especially true if we are spreading the Teachings in a public forum where others might be influenced (such as the morning reading sessions). Therefore it is important for us to all learn the correct pronunciations of the words in the Teachings that are new to us.

We would recommend everyone, and especially the morning readers, to visit the Glossary section of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament on the website and find the words they are having trouble pronouncing. There is an "Audio" button next to many word in the Glossary, which you can click on to listen to how the word is pronounced. It is a very useful tool in helping us improve our pronunciation.

This will help preserve the correct pronunciation of the words in the Teachings.

All Thanks To God,


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