Additional Benefits
of Circumcision

In a January 2010 interview on CNET, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft and well-known philanthropist) spoke about efforts to help AIDS victims in South Africa and elsewhere. He said that one of the most successful responses to AIDS has been circumcision. In fact, it has been so effective, and so widely-known to be effective, that when a circumcision clinic was set up near some villages, 70-90% of the men there volunteered for the operation.

Of course, we at the Mission are not surprised by this. Circumcision has been a Law of God since the time of the Old Testament, and there are always great Reasons behind God's Laws. Now, with the coming of the Seventh Angel and the unveiling of the Mystery of God, these Reasons have been revealed. Thirty years ago, Maitreya wrote in THOTH that circumcision has many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, including cleanliness and the prevention of many diseases. Only now is the scientific and intellectual world realizing that indeed, the Prophet of God speaks the Truth!

Truly, we must never forget how blessed we are at this time, and what it means that the Christ is here once again. Thanks be to God.



CNET interview with Bill Gates (the discussion on circumcision begins at about 5 minutes):

Circumcision in Maitreya's writings:

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