It has been more than three weeks since Haiti was devastated by a powerful earthquake rated 7.0 on the Richter scale. More than one million people need help just to live a normal day-to-day life. Still the minimum has not been provided to everyone!

After three weeks, people are still being found alive under the collapsed buildings (although it is winding down and, recently, fewer survivors have been found). How many have died because the help did not arrive in time?

We spend billions on war equipment and how to better and more effectively kill others. We have become so efficient at this that we can invade a huge country in just a few weeks. However, when it comes to helping the poor, needy, and disaster-stricken, we cannot do it in a month!

In a gathering of many spiritual organizations that were all committed to the unification of humanity (the World Unity Forum), one of the leaders lamented that: He does not know what we can do with the war machines we have created on earth. How can we dismantle them if peace comes and humanity is unified!

It seemed a legitimate question to many of the people present. All pondered on the question and all came to the conclusion that he was right, it would be hard. If we do dismantle these huge organizations, which, with some exceptions, have no beneficial functions but to wage war and defend our way of life, then what will happen to all the people they hired, what will happen to the research and development (R&D) they perform, etc.?

Even then I suggested that we could create a search and rescue army on earth. We could spend all this money on this project and the project to reach space. We could hire even more people and achieve greater discoveries and technical achievements (R&D) than we had ever dreamed of. The idea went right over their heads. They could not imagine an earth without armies and war. I hope this article will not end up where my idea ended up in those meetings: IGNORED!

Just think about it: If there was such a force, and if this force was supported worldwide with hundreds and thousands of volunteers (even millions) added to it. This force would have a huge budget. They would have stations all over the world. There would be a permanent staff which would train people, keep everything working smoothly, etc. The rest would be volunteers of all ages and young people who would dedicate some years of their youth to this force.

With this force, if there is a disaster like Haiti, there would be hundreds and thousands of helicopters, bringing as many resources as needed, which would land where the disaster has struck. The security force would come first, and would secure all places affected. The paramedics and what is needed to help the injured immediately, would arrive next. At the same time or a little later, the needed equipment and those who have the expertise to help people who are trapped under debris would arrive. A crew might be trained to gather the dead and dispose of them. Then the portable hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc. would arrive

Of course the organization will make this procedure occur in the most efficient way possible. Probably they could help the people, rescue the trapped and injured, and bury the dead, etc. within 24 to 48 hours. Surely, you cannot carry out such an operation with one puny, half-equipped airport and a few well-intended organizations, volunteers, etc., as was the case in Haiti.

If we can overcome human egos and make all realize that everyone is the Child Of God, then we can come together and look at the Essence of Man. Not only is there One God, and we have proven that He has sent all the religions, but He is also the God of All humanity. There is no one higher, or lower, in His Eyes.

We have to set up the earth in such a way that human life and humanity's progress towards the Goal, is paramount over all else. And it has to be worldwide. Otherwise the struggle for limited resources will continue. By reaching to space, unlimited resources will be realized and humans can have greater standards of living than was ever possible before. There is no need for war.

Therefore, we have to expand our vision and help others also see the benefit of Gods Plan (all humans are His Children). We have to overcome our Fears and Trust God that His Ways will be much more beneficial than our ways. There is no doubt that He has created this universe and He Knows what is best for His creatures.

Animals and plants do not have much choice but to follow their Daharmas. However, we do. If we choose His Ways and His Prophets, not only will we benefit, we might even improve our situation beyond what is provided for us on earth!


With these realizations and the coming of the Kingdom, the number of disasters will also decrease!


Note: As humans become more in tune with nature, they might gain the ability to sense coming disasters before they strike. It is well known that animals have this ability!


we might be able to educate people to stop building in places that are known to be disaster-prone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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