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US, Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale

Sal-Om All,

Again we are called to give thanks for the blessings and opportunities that are given throughout the month as we share them with one another. It has been wonderful to share the teachings through the internet. Last month we were able to open a Mission Room in Alliance for a New Humanity ( and we continue to share posts there from the many teachings of Maitreya-Ji. We welcome new members to come in, post, visit, share, etc.

Also, those who have joined Facebook or Twitter can do the same on these pages. It is another networking of Mission teachings. I have also put some of the Mission videos on my facebook page, and am continuing to share teachings by Maitreya on my Twitter page (Nanaksmom). Again, all are welcome to join in.

Recently a contact in the Netherlands, Farida Gillot, joined the Mission room in the Alliance for a New Humanity and then added a page for the Mission of Maitreya on her website (,and has recently been sent a copy of THOTH. We welcome her to the Mission of Maitreya and look forward to sharing more teachings of Maitreya with her.

The daily reading of THOTH on Paltalk continues as well as the Wednesday evening live Meditation Class using the Universal Mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam.

The Saturday ad "Mark your Calendar" in the Natural Awakenings Magazine continues, posting the Mission's address and the availability of time from 4-5 pm if anyone wants to call and ask questions or has interest in the Mission of Maitreya.

And last but not least, another wonderful way of network (there are so many ways and groups of peoples who have great interest in helping the world to be a better place to live) is the CARE2 site which branches off into so many areas where one can post many of the teachings of Maitreya. For example, I have posted information about Meditation and the Universal Manta in the Spirituality Groups. You have a chance to connect with others in many areas (we have received wonderful feedback from some of the others' posts). So whatever each of us can do for this important teaching to mankind is a blessing and opportunity. All thanks To God.

Tomorrow, I will be taking some items to a fund raiser for a local Wildlife Animal Hospital. I will include some of the Keys Booklets and misc. Mission Material also.

If just one seed is planted, it is done. We let go and let God. And continue to plant the seeds. One by One. God is for sure, the Best Doer.



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All Thanks To God (ATTG).