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US, North and South Carolina

January/February 2010

Sal-Om everyone,

This month I have sent out more of the Letter to Humanity to North Carolina political people. I also have another bunch to send out very soon.

The Mission sent me a copy of Keys 7 to edit. I did not find many editing suggestionsbut I really enjoyed reading it...I had purposely not read it so it would be fresh for me when it arrived. I finished and mailed it back to the Mission.

I continue tocheck on and readNew Alliance for humanity and occasionally post there as well. I received an email from a girl that found me on New Alliance (she was from Africa) and wrote her about the Mission and web site to check out.

The internet continues to be my main form of staying connected to the Mission and its members and Sabbaths are most especially great for this purpose. I still read THOTH over the internet on Mondays and sometimes as a back-up on other days if needed.

And on a final note, Sarah-ji is hoping to finish the Thus Speaks Maitreya Series...(in this lifetime, lol) and therefore I have been searching for quotes appropriate for Thus Speaks Maitreya on Awakening (The First Seal) andemailing them to her. I know shewould welcome quotes from anyone who would like to contribute to this final booklet in the series.

Sal-Om all, and ATTG!


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