Constant Contact All Star

The Mission works through a provider called Constant Contact to manage our Newsbrief, mailing list, etc. Based on our use of their services, the content of our Newsbrief, etc. we have been added to their All Star list for 2009! This is the email they sent to us:

Kudos to you! In 2009, you did email marketing the way it's supposed to be done.

You stayed in touch with your customers or members with regular email communications. You made sure your list was up to date and that everyone on it gave you permission to send them emails. Finally, you delivered engaging information that your audience was eager to receive, open, and read.

That's why we named you a Constant Contact Email Marketing All Star for 2009 and we want to congratulate you for being part of this special group.

Thank you for being a Constant Contact customer and for making email marketing a part of your organization's success.

Constant Contact will soon be sending us All Star promotional materials, logos, etc., which we will place on the emails and Newsbriefs we send through Constant Contact, as well as in various places on the website. This will serve as another proof that the Mission is legitimate, honest, and fair, and can be trusted with sensitive information.

ATTG for every additional resource He gives us.

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