Was the Flood of Noah
Created by a Meteor
Colliding with Earth?

We watched a documentary on the PBS channel that was trying to explain why many of the large animals on earth went extinct around 12,000 years ago. They found a black layer of some kind of dirt, dating to 12,000 years ago, all over the earth. They also found other elements that pointed to a meteor possibly hitting the earth around that time. However, they could not find any evidence of a meteor-related crater anywhere on earth dating to that time.

The theory then became that the meteor might have broken into many pieces in the atmosphere before crashing into the glaciers that once covered the northern part of the earth. They tested some glaciers in the North Pole to see if the meteor might have landed there. They found plenty of evidence that: Yes it did. One convincing evidence was the presence of unique diamonds called nanodiamonds, which are only formed by high-pressure impacts such as meteor strikes. They concluded that the reason they could not find an impact site anywhere was because the broken meteor pieces had crashed into the glaciers. Therefore, the craters either melted away, are covered by current glaciers, or were smoothed over by glacier movement and other natural processes.

However, the result of the impact was destructive and far reaching. It melted so much ice and created so much rain that a worldwide flood could have occurred. The movie went on to explain how devastating the impact could have been.

It was here that Maitreya exclaimed that: It seems our explanation in THOTH that the ice on the poles melted and was one of the reasons the Flood of Noah occurred, has been confirmed! Could the impact of the meteor have been so severe that it also created great tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, mud slides, release of other sources of water, etc., that destroyed the human race at that time (or at least the majority of it)?

Indeed, it very well might have. God knew this was going to happen and forewarned Noah to build a ship to escape the coming disasters and floods. So it is God who decides if a meteor will collide with earth and destroy what God has decided to destroy. God chooses something to happen and no one can stop it.

So here again we can see that what the Bible has reported, science can explain. What Maitreya wrote in THOTH 30 years before, that one of the sources of the water that created the worldwide flood at the time of Noah was the melting of the poles, has now been confirmed.

If someone claims He is a Prophet and what He says is proven to be true, He indeed is the Prophet of God. We can already see that what Maitreya has Revealed is true and is also being confirmed by others years later to be true. Should not we add this to the other evidence that has come to us confirming Maitreya's legitimacy?

All thanks to God and His Glory, and we are lucky that we are a part of His Plan.

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