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Sal-Om All,

The networking online is growing more each day. All Thanks To God.

The blogs and posting on CARE2, offered various opportunities to become a part of that networking with so many different causes and subject matter. You can also obtain another new email address from this site. I like this site as it has so many different causes and subject matter for anyone to blog with. And what cause is not connected to the Mission's teachings? :-) It's amazing just how vast all of this is.

The same with the ALLIANCE FOR A NEW HUMANITY, any of the groups that are used for the Mission networking. It is inspirational and eye-opening to see the many posts thatare now being made :-). And, as more members join in, they can also join other groups, which will enlarge the circle of networking.

TWITTER has also been a wonderful source for posting and sharing the teachings as well as FACEBOOK.

Another group that has recently been shared in and I recently became a member of is a group made by FaridaGillot of the Netherlands(she is a contact from another group, the Alliance for a New Humanity). She has much information on a website that she made specifically for the Mission,

Also, continuing the Wednesday evening online live meditation classes, which are a real blessing, andanother opportunity to come together and meditate for world peace. The classes are in Paltalk, under Religion and Spirituality, Interfaith Groups.

And continuing with the Saturday"Mark your calendar" time from 4 to 5 pm for taking questions relating to the Mission. (Ad in the Natural Awakenings Magazine of South Florida):

So all are encouraged to seek further in their projects and see for yourselves just how easy it can be to network at home on your computer (for those who have one) and/or continue to spread these Teachings of Maitreya from however God guides you. Remembering that God is the Doer. If we let Him come through us, and push aside our ego, HE will instruct us. And we let go of the results. As the butterfly has so many varieties, we too as individuals have many different ways to be active within our own communities. Realizing that aside from all of our seeming differences, we are all truly ONE. May we embrace the whole world in our actions and creations.



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All Thanks To God (ATTG).