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February/March 2010

Sal-Om All,

One of the underlying benefits of Yahoo Answers is that when the answer is voted "Best Answer", Yahoo makes the question and answer immediately searchable on Yahoo Web Search engine. Then the outreach becomes much more widespread pertaining to the question!

Here is an example and a really great question.

If god actually came to earth, would most religions still not believe its god? Even if he started doing magic tricks?

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God is Spirit - Formless Invisible Nameless Eternal

That is why a certain One is the Mouthpiece for God to humanity. One who is prophesied to come and reveal God's Plan - all 7 steps. The whole concept of the Messiah is to know who to listen to and who not. There can only be One!

That is Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya - The Seventh Angel (Rev. 10:7)


Part 1:
Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message

  • 2 weeks ago

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An update on views:

No One knows the Whole Truth until the Seventh Angel 10,742 views

The Maitreya Himself revealing the Eternal Divine Path 3,145 views

Meditate W/the Universal Mantra 2,897 views

The Call of God Letter to Humanity 221 views

Recent Financial Cure 133 views

Revelation of The Revelation is still in the process of being video recorded and uploaded to You Tube.


My husband introduced a co-worker to the Mission Teaching first with a verbal introduction. It is a very intuitive process to learn if a person is open to more or not. After the person said, "That makes sense", and was excited to know more, we followed up with a copy of the Introduction to the Mission CD. He has since been diligently searching the Mission Website for his own questions and proofs.

We have plans on meeting with the gentleman after he has some time to digest and study the teaching further. It is surely a blessing to find someone to talk with about the Mission who is sincerely interested and searching!

Ultimately God chooses and we have done our part and remain unattached. It is between him and God at this point.

All thanks to God and to His Son, Maitreya.


Shirin e Khoda

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