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New York

February/March 2010


Continue to read THOTH during the morning services on Pal Talk on Sundays. The IM's inviting Pal Talk guests visiting our rooms to see our website, and to invite them to check out our newsletter, continues. Thanks to God for all those who joined our Pal Talk rooms, rated them, and typed reviews. The number of ratings and reviews help us to publish the names of two of our rooms on "On Today" (on the right side of the main Paltalk Scene screen). The number of guests coming to the All Religions Unified Room and the Universal Mantra Meditation room has definitely increased. All thanks to God! Hopefully by this time next month we will have the Discourse Room and the Chant Room published on "On Today" also. It is not too late to join our rooms, to rate them, and write reviews. :)

Ananda Ma

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