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US, North and South Carolina

February/March 2010

Sal-Om all,

This month I was able to mail another group of letters to political people in North Carolina. I am ready to start looking into South Carolina for the next group of letters I send out. And I have been thinking that after that I would like to look into the possiblity of sending some out to various organizations as Maverick has done.

The ad for the Mission continues to be posted and Thanks God in regards some additional ratings that have been done for it. There are some good/God comments for visitors to read in these ratings. Should anyone want to add a rating and need help with that, feel free to email me and we can coordinate it,

I also have continued to post and read on the Mission of Maitreya group page of New Alliance for Humanity. I joined another group there, too, (partly as an experiment to see what would transpire) as they had posted goals that went very well with the Mission's goals. So I posted information about the Mission there and mentioned our similiar ideals. I did not receive any response from it but that did not deter me and I may try again with another group in the future.

I continue to attend the online Mission activities and rooms. And it is my pleasure to continue, ATTG, to read from THOTH on Monday mornings in the All Religions Unified room.

Also, Ananda Ma helped direct me in filling out surveys for each of the Mission PalTalk Rooms and I was able to rate them as well. It helps out for people who are in PalTalk checking our rooms out :).

Again this month I sent quotes to Sarah ji...and continue to find more quotes to be used in the book Thus Speaks Maitreya on Awakening.

In God,

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