Anniversary of the
Letter to Humanity:
God Is Calling You

This time of the year, the March Newsbrief, coincides with the anniversary of the letter Maitreya sent to humanity and their leaders, called: God Is Calling You. It is once again a good time to look back on the year, and see how the earth and humanity has been doing. Unfortunately, we can see that they still are not listening to God's Prophet, and the disasters, violence, and tribulations are steadily increasing in scale and frequency, as has been prophesied!

It is interesting that the anniversary of the Letter to Humanity is at the same time as the announcement of the Passover Celebration. It was not intentional for these two events to coincide; it happened this way without any deliberate effort. It is as if God is saying: If you want me to pass over you, Listen!

Of course, probably the most widely publicized disaster of the year has been the earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake, magnitude 7.0, killed over 230,000 people, injured over 300,000, and left over 1,000,000 homeless. It has also had many other disastrous effects on Haiti and the surrounding countries. It is listed on Wikipedia as the 8th most devastating natural disaster in recorded history.

Not only that, but when we began planning for this article, God brought another huge disaster to humanity. An earthquake of magnitude 8.8 (500 times stronger than the one that hit Haiti) devastated parts of Chile! The death toll is currently estimated to be 800+ and is expected to rise, and many buildings, roads, etc. were destroyed. The epicenter of this earthquake was very close to the second largest city in Chile (Concepcion). Although the most powerful earthquake ever recorded, at magnitude 9.5, also occurred in Chile, that one was not as close to the land and populated area as this one. So people who experienced both quakes reported that this 8.8 one seemed stronger than the 9.5 one they had experienced before.

It has been said that: If this quake had been closer to a major population center, that center would have been utterly destroyed (Desolated)! Is there a Message here for humanity? The scale and the degree of the earthquake was lower, but it was closer. What if God eventually has enough of the refusal of humanity to listen to His Messenger, and an earthquake is stronger and closer to a populated area?

Several other major events have occurred just in the past few weeks or so, while we were preparing to write this article:

- On February 12th or 13th, a glacier the size of the European country of Luxembourg broke off of Antartica. Scientists say it has the potential to have far-reaching and long-term impacts on ocean patterns, marine life, etc. Link:

- On February 27th, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck the Okinawa islands in Japan. Link:

- On March 3rd, a powerful winter storm swept across europe, killing over 50 people. Link:

- Also on March 3rd, mudslides in Uganda buried three villages and killed almost 100 people. Link:

- On March 4th, floods in Serbia led to fatalities and displaced up to 4,000 people. Link: Click here

- Also on March 4th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit Taiwan. No deaths were reported, but there were more than 60 injuries, and damage to buildings and infrastructure. Link:

- On March 7th, more than 200 people were killed in Nigeria in religious-based violence between Christians and Muslims. The area has suffered from such violence for a decade, leaving thousands dead. Link:

- On March 8th, more religious violence in Nigeria caused an estimated 500+ additional casualties. Link:

- Also on March 8th, yet another earthquake struck, this time in eastern Turkey, of magnitude 5.9. At least 51 people were killed, others were injured, and at least one village was almost completely destroyed. Link:


Even people who are not expecting the tribulation to come are noticing that something is wrong. Of course, others say it is perfectly normal. Time will tell who is correct, and who is closing their eyes to the Truth!

Below is an incomplete list of other disasters, events, violence, etc. that happened in 2009/10. The number was so large that it was impossible to list them all. We have also provided some links to other disaster lists and resources, so you can further study if you wish:

- Global economic collapse

- Predictions of depression, civil disorder, and war as a result of the economic collapse:

- China, Iran, and Russia seemingly creating closer ties, and becoming more and more confrontational with the West

- Continued and increased tension between Israel and surrounding neighbors

- H1N1 influenza (swine flu):

- A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck central Italy in April 2009, killing 307 people:

- Greatly increased seismic activity in Yellowstone Park, sparking fears of possible future volcanic activity:

- Bushfires in Australia killed 173 and injured 414:

- The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared half of the U.S. Midwest as an agricultural disaster area:

- Record blizzards and storms throughout northeastern USA, including Washington DC

- Increased acceptance of gay marriage in the United States and throughout the world (see Maitreya's article Abomination of Desolation from last month's Newsbrief)

- Continued spread of diseases such as XDR-TB, malaria, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, etc.

- List of natural disasters in the U.S. for 2010:

- List of latest natural disasters:

- Latest natural disasters, divided into categories:

- Map of natural disasters in 2009:

- Map and information about earthquakes in 2009:


For more, simply read the daily news. It is amazing how much violence, separation, and destruction is happening everywhere! This has all been predicted to come, and we have seen nothing yet. Wake up, humanity, and come together to bring His Way back to earth! There is only One God, One Saviour, One humanity, and One earth! Any separation is created by man! Your Salvation is to Listen to His Messengers and His Words!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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