Universalism Sign
Upside Down

It has recently been brought to our attention that the sign for the Baha'i Faith and the Fifth Seal used all throughout the Mission's teachings and literature, including THOTH, is upside down! The only place where it is correct is in the color-printed posters of The Greatest Sign. In the correct sign (Universalism), the single vertical arm is pointing upwards, not downwards. It is amazing that no one noticed this for over 30 years, until now!

Actually, although it was not done on purpose, this mistake goes very well with Maitreya's teachings on the Fifth Seal. The Baha'i Faith is the only religion that God said would not be perfect (Revelation 3:2). Now, we suddenly find out that even in the final Revelation of God and the Message of the Seventh Angel, the Baha'i symbol has been imperfectly used for all this time! Can this be just a coincidence?

We have corrected all the Universalism signs that we have found on the website. The sign will also be corrected in the next editions of all written literature. If you find any signs on the website that are still incorrect, please let us know at Mission_Of_Maitreya@maitreya.org, so we can correct them. ATTG.

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