The Mu-sho-sho-no-no Prophecy

By Andrew Dwight Harris

(Maitreya's comments in red)

In South Africa the Zulu have a prophecy called, Mu-sho-sho-no-no. Credo Mutwa, a well known Zulu shaman and spokesperson, says the Mu-sho-sho-no-no is an asteroid that is going to hit the earth very soon. The prophecy and talks by Credo Mutwa do seem to have End Time possibility.

Mu-sho-sho-no-no unmistakably resembles the National Geographic special about the extinction of the wooly mammoths and the Clovis people (the Clovis people were known only by the type of arrowhead they used, called Clovis, hence the name) which was written about in last month's Newsbrief. Scientists think that the mammoths and the Clovis people were wiped out over a short time by a meteor that crashed into the polar ice cap.

Here is an excerpt from a talk by Credo Mutwa in 1999, given in California:

Let me tell you one last thing: I am told by the great storytellers of our tribes that fresh water is not native to our earth. Once, many thousands of years ago a terrible star, the kind of star with a very long tail, descended very close upon our skies. So close that the earth turned upside down and what had become the sky became down, and what was the heavens became up. The whole world was turned upside down. The sun rose in the south and set in the north. Then came drops of burning black stuff, like molten tar, which burned every living thing on earth that could not escape. After that came a terrible deluge of water accompanied by winds so great that they blew whole mountaintops away. And after that came huge chunks of ice bigger than any mountain and the whole world was covered with ice for many generations. After that the surviving people saw an amazing sight. They saw rivers and streams of water that they could drink, they saw that some of the fishes that escaped from the sea and were now living in these rivers. That is the great story of our forefathers. And we are told that this thing is going to happen again very soon. Because the great star, which is the lava of our sun, is going to return on the day of the year of the red bull, which is in the year 2012.

The use of the word 'water' may be useful to understand the Zulu creation story. Here is a quote from THOTH:

"...And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Genesis 1:2c)

<31>Water is the symbol for manifested consciousness (ether). <32>So God moved in the universe (water) through His Universal Mind ("Spirit of God") and brought the lost unit consciousnesses (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) under His control (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)).

The Inyanga

Credo Mutwa also talks about the Inyanga. The Inyanga seem like the Elect, as is mentioned in the book THOTH: At the time of Abraham, God chose His Elects, the Elects who are becoming more spiritually advanced to help the rest of humanity to go to God. Here is Credo explaining the Inyanga:

Until the end of this world, the Healers brought by the Fish-Gods are the only comfort for suffering humanity. These men and women are known in the Zulu language as the 'Inyanga', or 'People of the Moon'. As people who come from the Moon, the Inyanga also act like the moon within society. As the Sun shines forth light which the Moon at times reflects on the dark-side of the Earth, so too do the Inyanga at times reflect the light and knowledge of God onto suffering humanity who wallows in ignorance and darkness.

Comment: This will change at the end time, as it says above: "Until the end of this world...." At the end time, and beyond, many (all) will eventually become enlightened (Paravipras) and learn how to heal themselves!

The Chinyawu

As it says in THOTH that the earth's continents were once joined and people were not as separated by languages and countries as we are today, Credo Mutwa also gives us some insight on this, and shows that it is true what is written in THOTH:

Amongst the Native American people, sir, I found, for example, amongst certain tribes in America, tribes such as the Hopi people, and those people who stay in those buildings called a pueblo, I found that these people-they have got what are called Katchina creatures, where people wear masks and disguise themselves as certain creatures. And some of these Katchinas are very, very tall, with a huge round head.

Exactly as we have in Africa, I found similar creatures in America. In Africa we call these creatures Egwugwu, or, we call them by another name, called Chinyawu. The Katchina of the Native American people, and the Chinyawu of our people, are identical beings. Now, why should this be? When were American Native people and Africans in contact? When? This is one of the greatest mysteries of all time, sir. It is one of many things that I found throughout the world which left me utterly amazed.

Of course, there can be found many, many parallels between all the earth's teachings. Here is the part of THOTH that explains this for Credo:

"...every one after his tongue,..." (Genesis 10:5, 20, 31)

<17>Many different tongues and dialects were created on earth.

"...for in his days was the earth divided;..." (Genesis 10:25)

<18>Before the earth became divided, humans had access to all the dry land. There were connections between all continents. By this occurrence, the Lord completely disconnected some lands from each other.

<19>Before this happened, the people who had the true knowledge of the spiritual world and were in a very high consciousness, realized that this disaster was coming to humanity. They left their mainland and were scattered throughout the world, carrying their knowledge to other lands. <20>But because of the loss of their mainland and centre, and also because of not finding true seekers, they translated their knowledge into a symbolic language for their few followers and they built symbolic buildings for future generations. Then when God would open the spiritual eyes of the humans again, they would understand the truth of these symbols.

<21>Furthermore, by dividing the land, God kept an area separated from the rest for a great purpose -- read Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.

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