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In this section, we will place news, articles, websites, etc. that we find to be interesting or worth mentioning.

If you are interested in starting a small website, but you do not have much expertise with computers, website design, etc., you may want to look at the web hosting services of Intuit (creators of Quicken, TurboTax, etc.). They seem to have made it as simple as possible to create and design a website, with pre-built templates that you can very easily customize. The service is $5 a month for a 5 page website, which is quite affordable (although the price increases dramatically if you need more than 5 pages). See their website...

We were not aware of it until this month, but apparently, in 2004, the German courts ruled that the Falun Gong organization could legally use the swastika in Germany! This is a very significant event, as Germany was one of the most intolerant countries towards the swastika as a backlash against Hitler and the Nazi regime.

This article also reveals that the original ban in Germany was only on the swastika used by the Nazis, not all swastikas! Later on, however, all swastikas were banned. This point, that the original ban was only on the Nazi swastika, should be emphasized so that all of humanity knows that not all swastikas are evil or are used for evil actions!

All thanks to God that more and more people are understanding and accepting the true meaning of this ancient and powerful symbol. Read...

It has just been announced that a new solar energy company, Green2V, is building a very large facility in Rio Rancho, and making the city their headquarters. The facility is expected to employ up to 1,500 people in a wide array of jobs, and generate up to 3,000 jobs statewide. It joins the growing number of new companies and facilities being built in Rio Rancho, including a university campus, a hospital, a large Hewlett-Packard customer service office, etc. Maitreya has always recommended that people move to Rio Rancho, the City of Vision, to expand the Center, begin Communities of Light, and prepare for the tribulation. It seems that God is now providing many job opportunities in this area as well. There may never be a better time than in the next few months/years to look into moving to the Hidden City, New Jerusalem! Read..., Read..., and Read...

We found the sign shown at 00:28 of this MSNBC video to be very interesting. It seems that Maitreya's term of "Obamanation" is catching on! :)

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