Reports from Light Bearers


Sal-Om MOM

Our new member and I have started to meet two to three times a week to study THOTH. We have studied the Base of the Teachings and the Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled this month. This also allowed us to go over the new Turkish website.

I still could not upload the video to any of the video sites because it had too large of a size or because of the access problems to these sites. I cut it into three parts and am looking for ways to upload it. Noor offered help in getting this done. ATTG.

I have introduced the Mission to some people that I work with at the new place that I give classes. They were just curious and I directed them to both the Turkish and also the English websites.

These are all that I can report about the Mission activities from Turkey for the month of April. Other than these, this month was full of struggles of maya. All thanks to God for His Protection, Grace, and Guidance.

God is the Doer and the Results are His. All thanks to Him.


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All Thanks To God (ATTG).