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March/April 2010

Sal-Om All,

Project finished!

You Tube Outreach:

Thanks God a video project for You Tube has been completed. All Tablets in Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH were video recorded for the purpose of outreach to those seeking in You Tube and also as alternative sources to all the 'others' claiming to be The Maitreya. Tags used: Maitreya, God, Christ, end times, Revelation, tribulation, Angels, Babylon, and many others pertaining to the particular Tablet. Now anyone searching those topics will at least have an option to view a Mission-related video. Links were added to each video for further connection to the Mission website or emails.

Facebook Outreach:

Notices for the Passover dates and Service in Paltalk were posted in the Mission of Maitreya Facebook group and also other spiritual minded groups: "Respect the Beliefs of Others"; "Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers"; and "Seekers of Wisdom". Included in this notice was the Passover Satsang link.

Also, for the week (thru March 27th) a paid ad was placed on Facebook for the Mission CD. It was an easy process to place the ad, and interesting too. Facebook will 'suggest' a per-click price you should pay (sneaky little guys) but you also get to set a daily limit on what you spend. They suggested about $.75 per click which is only about 7 clicks per day as a $7 limit was set for 8 days. Instead they were offered $.07 cents per click and they approved it, giving us 100 clicks per day for the same $7.00 investment. Nice set of 7's :-).

The other rather interesting part is how Facebook targets ads. It is based on how people fill out their profiles. After trying out several 'tag' names and seeing a number display of how many in Facebook had that tag, it was way cool that "GOD" was the tag which had the most numbers - over 3 million in the USA!

So now the Mission ad will appear on all the Facebook'ers wall pages who listed "GOD" in their profiles for a week. Whether they actually click on it or not does not really matter as their minds/spirit will have seen it. The ad can also be targeted to certain countries. For a few days this ad was directed to India.

We can sure use these social networks and their own rules for God's uses :-). I suspect the trick is becoming proficient in each one to learn the deeper ways to use them more effectively. If we had members to tackle learning each one in depth, (like Tahirah probably knows 'Alliance' better than the rest of us) then we could just copy/paste posts, notes, ads, announcements, Newsbrief notices, etc., and have a huge outreach with amazingly little effort.

More ads will be placed in Facebook for different Mission-related things on a routine basis.

Rio Rancho "News Flash":

(If they knew the true reason...This is New Jerusalem! "Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies cause everyone knows..." Neil Diamond)

Rio Rancho has been named by BusinessWeek magazine as New Mexicos best place to raise kids in 2010. Rio Rancho earned this same distinction for 2009.

More and more young families with children are calling Rio Rancho home, and this is testament to our tremendous public school system and public safety departments, said Mayor of Rio Rancho Tom Swisstack. This ranking is evidence that Rio Ranchos commitment to quality of life projects and initiatives is getting noticed and on the right track. to read more...

Yahoo Answers Outreach:

What is the point of life?

it is what it is what is the point of life

Chosen Best Answer by Voters: This is only 1 life and we have had many before and will have many after. Originally we were perfect and all things were given us. But...due to selfishness, ego, we fell from that Perfect State (eden). We started collecting karmas, samskaras (sins), lessons, and in order to return to that state of Perfection, we have to learn those lessons and overcome the selfish lower nature.

We have had many lifetimes to do this, but there is also a 'time up'. We are in the 'time up' period now. God does exist and He/She/It is that state of Perfection we want to return to (to Be(come) Divine). A plan was created in order for each person to accomplish this, but it is our choice to listen or not. So, we can't blame God when the ax falls on our heads.

Each religion shows steps in this Plan and includes everyone. God said there would be 7 Seals (Messages) to progress and reach the goal (point of life). This Path is called The Eternal Divine Path.


The Base:

Part 1:

Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message

Do Passover and Easter have anything in common?

Answer: No. Passover is the Holy Day that Christ Himself kept. God said to keep His Holy Days forever and ever and Christ said He did not come to do away with the Laws (of God). Passover was on March 27th. Also followed by the week of Unleavened bread. You can read all about it at this link on why to keep Passover and what it really means:

Easter on the other hand is pagan rites of spring which was adapted by the Catholic church and 'christianized' in order to envelop pagans and get them under the control of the 'church'. Christmas is again another man-made holiday with pagan roots and most 'christians' follow these things without even thinking.

Just google 'origins of Easter' and you will find out about 'Saturnalia' and the pagan roots to include sex, drunkenness, partying, etc.

How easter eggs got included is a no-brainer - eggs, multiplying like rabbits, fertility, etc.

Each culture and religion has adapted to man-made ideas and holidays and it is a great 'divider' among humanity.

There is only One God who has One Set of Laws. If people could recognize just this one simple thing and stop the proliferation of wrong ideas, this world would be a much better place to live in.

Imagine...killing over a piece of dirt for thousands of years?

God said that NO ONE knows the whole truth until the Seventh Angel reveals the last Message of God (Seal). It is now done and anyone with an 'eye' to see can find it free online.

Book Sealed with 7 Seals: - Letter to Humanity


Part 1:

Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message

What's difference between fanaticism and religious?

religion and aggressive religion

Answer: A person can be a 'fanatic' about anything actually and it is usually a rigid mindset which does not allow for anything else but what the person himself accepts as Truth.

Religious fanaticism usually happens when a person thinks that only 'his' religion is the only way, the last prophet, the chosen ones, has the last word, etc. Sound familiar? :-)

What is the answer to religious fanaticism? Some say to only accept the 3 Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and to reject all others.

But what does God say? Do we listen to 'scholars' who are educated by other scholars? Or do we listen to God?

God said that there would be 7 Seals. Seals means Messages of God. Three is not seven! God further said in Revelation 10:7 that only when the Seventh Seal Message is sent to humanity would the truth of God be finished. That certainly demands that a person should be looking for all 7! What a treasure hunt!

Those who are fanatic will simply be closeminded. Those who are religious and think their religion is the only way will miss the whole picture and not understand the full Plan of God.

Those who are curious, simply know there is 'something else' going on, can't accept just a couple of dogmas or concepts as all there is -- these people will be the ones who find the treasure.

It won't be an easy course. God never promised that for sure. It is a path for the brave who will be insistent in knowing the Truth. No religion is left out which includes all the Mystical Paths, no person is outside of God's Plan. The only thing left out are man-made dogmas and ideas even if they are promoted as 'truth'.

Those who want to know will not let anything stop them. They were created Paravipras and will not stop until they find and know the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Angel of God is here and the Seventh Seal is open.

The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament free to read online


Part 1:

Part 2: - No one knows the whole truth until the 7th Seal message

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Update on a co-worker:

My husband's co-worker struggles with the 'enticement of the spheres'. Perhaps he will engage more into the Mission Teaching and see the Vision at some later date.

Thanks God for His Message and His Messenger Maitreya (GIWH) on Earth now!


Shirin e Khoda

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