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March/April 2010

Sal-Om to everyone,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Feast of Passover. I enjoyed connecting up with the Mission for the Passover Service which happened to also fall on the Sabbath. The whole service was inspiring even though it was just me and my cat enjoying it all over the internet. I danced all over the house during the Haree Om.

It is a great time to be able to spring refreshes the earth with a new beginning, we have that opportunity too. And I have it on good authority (from the Mission) that it will be a great year for those who are working with God.

This past month I got many Letters to Humanity sent out. I sent them to a long list of politicians in South Carolina. I also have just begun to send Letters to some religious institutions here in North Carolina. Of all the Letters that have been sent out, I am pleased to say I have only had one returned (that was to a Biker's Church here in Asheville that I found listed in the church section of Yellowbook, lol, they must have biked off to another church somewhere :).)

Speaking of Yellowbook, the Mission Ad is still listed at under 'churches' in Asheville and a few surrounding cities. I have also put some Mission flyers in my car to take that spring is here and people are coming out of hibernation :) although I do agree that the internet is probably one of the best ways to reach people.

New Alliance to Humanity has slowed down a bit but I still post and check in on it weekly if not more. Also took the time to join the Mission Facebook page, that Shirin sponsors...I believe.

I continue to connect to the Mission rooms, services, meditation classes, etc. on PalTalk daily, and to read THOTH aloud in the All Religions Room on Mondays.

I had a chance to talk with a lady in a health food store about my spiritual name (which is Japanese) and what it means, as she had given her adorable dog a Japanese name which means "to be Blissful". Sorry, I forgot the exact name. It was something like Sophita.

Finally, I continue my effort to keep focused on a move to New Mexico sometime in the future. I pray sooner than later.

Sal-Om again,

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