All Star Logo on Website/Email

As was mentioned in an article in the March 2010 Newsbrief, the Mission was named a 2009 Constant Contact All Star for our exemplary use of their email services. This month, Constant Contact sent us some promotional materials to advertise that we are an All Star, including an online logo. This logo has now been placed on all emails sent through our mailing list, as well as on various places in our website.

The logo links to a page we have created explaining what the All Star award is, and how it once again proves we are a legitimate, honest, and trustworthy organization. We hope that this will make people feel even safer in signing up for our email list, and increase the outreach of our Newsbrief and other emails. It will also improve our professional reputation, etc. All thanks to God for the tools He gives us to spread this Message worldwide.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).