Reports from Light Bearers


Sal-Om MOM,

In the month of April, I spent most of my time struggling in the outside world with work, finances, and people accusing the Mission and/or me wrongly of things, etc. (mundane things). All thanks to God for His Guidance to let me stay above all this tribulation. Yet again, it is clear to me that I have to move on and carry on with God's work even more professionally and from knowledge at all times. My life should be a reflection of the Teachings in every aspect of life. Making the necessary decisions and taking relevant actions will be my goal in the next month.

I managed to post a new video titled "Who is Maitreya" to YouTube. It is a short, amateur video with Maitreya's pictures and who the Mission claims He is. I have finished another 10 minute video too but could not yet manage to put it online.

I had some microphone and connection problems while doing readings on Wednesday mornings from work. Therefore I switched days with Ananda Ma so that I can read from home and don't have these kinds of problems too often. I will be reading on Sundays from now on. ATTG.

Thanks God very much for The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path.


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