Feast Of Tabernacles 011993 (2010)

The Feast Of Tabernacles is only a few months away, so it is time to begin preparing ourselves once again for this most wonderful and Godly celebration! As a reminder, if you are thinking about coming to Albuquerque to observe the Feast with the Mission Center, the last day of normal registration is July 1 (less than a month away). After that, registrants will be charged an additional 20% as a late fee.

At this time, we are also taking suggestions for improvement of the Feast. Therefore, we are asking everyone (especially those who have previously attended the Feast) to please think about how we can improve the experience (both in Albuquerque and online), new activities we could add to the schedule, ways to help those who are celebrating the Feast in their own areas, etc. Send your suggestions to feast@maitreya.org.

We will soon be giving out more information about the planned schedule, details about the Feast celebration in Albuquerque, etc. For more information about the Feast of Tabernacles, please see our Feast Announcement page. ATTG, and we hope to see many join us in keeping God's Holy Days this year.

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