Lectures at the Feast

Giving a lecture at the Feast Of Tabernacles is a great opportunity and service. Not only can you help others realize and understand a Mission-related topic in a deeper level, but also it helps you learn the teachings better by researching and then having to explain your findings. With the Feast only 3 months away, now is the time to consider if you would like to prepare a lecture for this year.

If you would like to give a lecture at the Feast, your topic and lecture outline/Powerpoint presentation/etc. must be submitted to and approved by the Mission Round Table. If you are new to the Mission and we do not know you well, you will also be required to attend the Mission Members Meeting, and perhaps a Round Table meeting, to discuss your lecture, your knowledge of Maitreya's teachings, etc. Please send an email to feast@maitreya.org to begin this process.

Please note that you can give a lecture even if you are not physically attending the Feast in Albuquerque. All lectures will be broadcast online, either over Paltalk or over the GoToMeeting program, so that everyone can attend, learn from, and enjoy them. Let us have an enlightening and lecture-filled Feast this year!

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