Changes to Newsbrief

We recently bought and read through a book on how to effectively use email marketing, newsletters, mailing lists, etc. Based on the tips in the book, we are re-evaluating all of our email communications and improving them. Greater changes to our emails and the way we use our mailing list may happen in the future; however, for now, we have made some small but important changes to the Newsbrief. Here is a list of what we have done:

  1. The section of unchanging information on the right side of the Newsbrief (deadline for reports, suggestions, questions, etc.) used to be called "Spotlights." It is now called "Did You Know...," which better reflects its purpose.

  2. The issue number has been removed from the Newsbrief (it used to be just below the Newsbrief header graphic, "The Call"). It did not seem to be very useful, and will no longer be included.

  3. At the bottom of the Newsbrief used to be a section called "Notices" with two Notes. The Notes are still there, but the section title "Notices" has been removed.

  4. The Reports and MOM Members Meeting sections of the Newsbrief have been shortened by removing unnecessary information. The removed information can still be found by clicking on the links in the respective sections.

  5. The "Of Interest" section will no longer be part of the Newsbrief. It is instead going to become a separate set of emails highlighting one or two interesting articles, pieces of news, websites, etc., every week. More information about this change will be forthcoming as the project is developed.

We hope that listing these changes will minimize any confusion they may have caused. We will continue to keep you updated as we improve our emails further, and hope you will enjoy the results. ATTG.

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