Reports from Light Bearers

US, Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale

Sal-Om All,

Thanks God for the opportunity to share.

Since my last report written on May 5th:

I opened another Mission of Maitreya group room on and invite all to participate. Note: Just like with the Mission's groups/pages/etc. on other social networks, everyone should join this new group and support it, so we have a strong presence on this social network as well!

I am in contact with a few more people who contacted me after viewing the website and also from seeing the ad in the Natural Awakenings Magazine. I am keeping in touch with each.

When Ananda Ma was in South Florida last month, we shared a group meditation and lunch with Athena and Hephaetus (our South Florida/Miami Mission contacts) and two other local friends.

Also, I have mailed Mission literature to another local person who was interested in the Mission after we spoke over the telephone.

Everything else remains the same as per my last contact report.



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