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US, Colorado

May/June 2010

Sal-Om everyone,


An ad just completed running for the Mission with a 'tag word' of God, making the ad viewed by over 3 million Facebook users. If someone clicked on the ad, it took them directly to the Mission website. The previous ad only went to the Mission Facebook page. Even if they did not click, they saw a sentence about how all religions have a place in God's One Plan and a picture of The Greatest Sign over the world with "The Christ is back" written at the bottom. Note: A little while ago, BBC News did a report on Facebook. As we were watching, we were suddenly amazed to see The Greatest Sign on TV! It seems that they had taken some snapshots of Facebook pages, and this ad was being displayed at the time! So, by the Grace of God, the Mission has received its first international television coverage :).

Also still supporting Maverick's posts on Facebook, and we had several discussions with people about Memorial Day, war, God, Holy Days, etc.


This month has mainly been spent on video filming, editing, and uploading. A video short was filmed about a very small part of the Mission Teaching on acknowledging the Essence of each person no matter the external circumstances.

This video, called "Be(come)," is now on YouTube. A copy of this DVD will play on the local public access station to approximately 10,000 Cable One subscribers.

Anyone is welcome to download the video from YouTube to use; however, if you do use it, you should include a disclaimer that the full Mission Teaching is at the Mission website, and this is just a small part of it.

Be welcome to share it:

Thanks to God and His Son, Maitreya (GIWH).


Shirin e Khoda

Note: It is because of the Grace of God and Maitreya's teachings that my work gives fruit. Without Glorifying the Father and Son and realizing that they are the Doer and the source of our Knowledge, we are not understanding God's Will and Teachings. Indeed it is only through the Son that our salvation is possible. No one can replace Him, no matter what they know. What they know is also from God and His Son. If we present the Mission and Maitreya and we do not acknowledge where our Knowledge has come from, that is Stealing and God does not like those who steal from Him and His Son. Besides, it is against copyright law. I also understand (as everyone should) that this Newsbrief is the Mission's, and those who create it have complete control to correct its content to reflect the teachings 100%. Thanks God and Maitreya.

Note: We encourage everyone to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to report pages! The deadline is the 5th of each month. The Newsbrief is usually sent out the 10th of each month. Send your reports to:

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