Reports From Light Seekers (Members)

1. From Maverick in Texas, USA:

Sal-Om everyone.

As we approach the beginning of summer, the late winter and spring months brought disasters to humanity with the earthquakes, Icelandic volcano, Gulf oil spill, and coal mine accidents, to name a few. It baffles me that Humanity will not turn from their ways and see that something is coming.

The people I speak with think that they are safe and everything will be ok. Their egos are so strong and will not let them see the light that God has given to humanity. I can only do as Maitreya tells us, leave them to God.

I was watching a Youtube video on the Gulf oil spill, and the person recording the video stated that the pictures he saw from the oil spill did not look like oil. He said that in the Gulf there was yellow (sulphur) and brown (iron) liquid. He said that the only time you see
that is when a volcano erupts. He further stated that if it is a volcano, and the sulphur and iron goes out to sea, it would cause a worldwide famine. Something to keep our eyes on. Note: The color might also be because of the huge amount of oil dispersants they have added to the water. This by itself might have a negative effect on the environment!

Lastly, before I get into my report, we are now in the last 7 years of this creation-Maitreya teaches us that life comes in 7-year cycles, this being the last 7-year cycle of this creation. In what comes to humanity, we are taught only to be Witness Entities and not be
emotionally involved or take sides...God be with us.

Sent the Letter to Humanity to the following Churches:

1. First Baptist Church
2. St. Philips United Methodist
3. Round Rock Christian
4. Central Baptist
5. Life Church
6. Westside Church Of Christ
7. Grace Lutheran
8. First United Methodist
9. Round Rock Church Of Christ
10. St. Williams Catholic
11. Grace Presbyterian
12. New Hope Community
13. Round Rock Presbyterian
14. One Way Baptist
15. Abundant Faith
16. Life Connection
17. Community Christian
18. Faith Baptist
19. St. Richard's Episcopal
20. Hope Bible Fellowship

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One World One Humanity One Savior One God


Maverick J. Viator
Disciple of Maitreya-The Messiah

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