New Audio Files Uploaded

Now that all our videotapes and video recordings have been digitized, we have moved on to our collection of old cassette tapes and audio files, and have been amazed at what we have found! These audios have contained many lectures by disciples in the 1990's, some songs and displays of talent, and other wonderful events we did not know had been recorded.

These lectures, etc. are very inspiring, and it is great hearing such Truth and devotion coming from disciples of Maitreya (God's Spirit coming through them). So others can hear these and be inspired as well, they have been uploaded to our downloads site, under "By_Disciples". Click on the name of the disciple to see what lectures, songs, etc. are available.

We hope you will all enjoy them as much as we have, and that they will help many understand the teachings better, develop devotion and Love for God, and come closer to Him!

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