New Online Outreach

We are happy to report that the Mission has gained a presence on three new websites and social networks, either as a Mission of Maitreya group or profile, or just posting about the Mission on a forum. We encourage everyone to join these sites, create profiles of their own, post on the forums, and give the Mission a strong voice and level of outreach in each one. Here are the sites:

  1. Care2 ( A social network geared towards social activism, helping the world, etc., which boasts about 13 million members. A Mission of Maitreya group has been created and is open to join, and individuals can also create profiles of their own and express their beliefs, add friends, share things with others, etc. There is great opportunity in this site to expand the Mission's presence, as it offers numerous ways to spread your cause and connect with others.

  2. Manifest-Station ( A website focused on spiritual enlightenment and upliftment that allows approved partners to upload videos, audios, articles, etc. We have applied to become a partner, and submitted one of Maitreya's Satsangs to be posted on the site. In the meantime, the best way to spread the Mission here is to create an account and post on the forums, as several of our members have already done.

  3. Google Groups ( A site by Google where users can create and find discussion groups they are interested in. It is connected to other Google services; for example, if you have a Gmail account, you can use the same account for Google Groups. A Mission of Maitreya group has been created which all can join and post in, and users can also create profiles with a picture, favorite website, etc.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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