There Is Enough Energy
for Everyone

Everyone is trying to fill up the gap between the energy demands on earth and the amount of energy we have. To cope with these demands, which are increasing daily, wars are waged, and most political maneuvering, it seems, is based on this single issue. If we cannot obtain all the oil we need, we resort to offshore drilling, and we know what happened to the one off Louisiana. It is still gushing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico!

The funny thing is that nature has already provided enough energy for all human needs! The only thing left to do is to create the will and political strength to tap into it. In fact, there is infinite energy in the universe. We just have to accept this fact and work towards utilizing it. Not only that, but if we tap into it correctly, it will cause no pollution, side effects, possibility of radiation leaks or oil spills, etc. Some people are already doing this, but it has not become an accepted norm in the universal sense which can affect humanity on a large scale.

It is very simple: Make each house a provider of clean and natural energy (mostly solar, but also wind, tidal, etc.). This energy can be used for that household's needs, and any extra energy should be diverted into a central energy storage hold. Then from this central location, this extra, stored energy can be distributed to the places that need it. If this is done on a universal scale, we will no longer need oil, nuclear reactors, gas exploration, etc. Also, we will have a surplus of energy for everyone to use.

In fact, we do not need any of the underground energy resources. We do not need to pollute the earth and/or destroy it to access these resources. God has put them underground for a reason: They are pollutants and destroy life as we know it.

We can even extend these clean energy technologies far beyond large cities and thriving metropolises. They can easily be used in small villages and remote places. We can bring even these places to the First World level of technology and progress and create a more equitable earth! With these technologies, we indeed can turn the earth into a huge village and family!

These kinds of pollution-free and readily available resources need to be utilized by using the latest technologies. These technologies have to be encouraged and supported 100% by everyone (at least the majority). Governments have to create incentives to make it as easy as possible to add them to existing homes, and, if possible, the use of such technologies has to become mandatory for new homes. Society might help new homeowners to achieve this by providing financial aid so they can afford it.

Not only will this encourage the use of clean energy from the sun, wind, ocean, etc., it will also create many new industries and factories. They will help to develop more efficient and reliable ways to use these energy resources, etc. More efficient use of these energy sources, as well as improvements in all levels of energy use, storage, etc., will further help humanity to have enough energy. For example: We can easily have cheap electric stations to charge our more efficient electric cars (or any other machinery which needs energy to work, etc.).

This will also help the economy in other ways, as people will have more money in their pockets, since they are not paying for electricity and energy, etc. This extra money can be spent and/or invested for the further prosperity of humanity. The wars and political maneuverings for energy will vanish.

If the gathering of clean energy as explained above (by each individual home) is not enough, we can also have industrial-scale energy collectors to provide the extra that is needed. Or, we can reach to space, collect uninterrupted solar energy (because there are no clouds, atmospheric particles, nighttime, and/or other obstructions to block the sun), and transmit it to earth for use here. Again, this should not create any pollution or other side effects the way current conventional technology does.

This idea goes very well with our teaching of using science based on Spirit, which has no pollution or other negative side effects on earth and our lives.

Just imagine a world without dirty oil spills, a world without all the digging for oil which destroys the land and sea, a world with no reactors to leak radiation and produce radioactive waste, or gas pipelines and their danger of exploding, etc. Imagine a world that will return to its pristine state, a state that only a few of us are old enough to remember. Imagine a world that is connected by technology, with each community still being independent and self-sufficient in its pursuit of better quality of life and more efficient use of resources. We will have communities that grow their own food and enjoy the taste of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, etc. The secret of happiness is: Good air, good and fresh food, sun, Divine company, and progressing to Divinity!

Moving towards this efficient use of energy, etc. is one thing we can do NOW. We do not need the Communities Of Light to form to accomplish this. The only thing that is needed is for more people to demand it. The more people see the merit of this way, the more people will join the movement. If our number increases to the critical mass, we can do it!

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