Reports from Light Bearers

US, Florida, South, Fort Lauderdale

Sal-Om All,

The past month has been more of continuation with many new postings on the social networks, THOTH readings online, meditation classes, and receiving phone calls about the Mission.

A new network has also been established in The Manifest-Station at: (Note: Unfortunately you cannot see it unless you create an account and log in)

Also I have shared this month with a couple of new people interested in the Mission's teachings. One saw the ad in the Natural Awakenings magazine, and another called from out of state after seeing the Mission website.

As always, after conversation, they are led to the website and followed up with calls and/or emails. As Maitreya-Ji has reminded us, give the Message and the rest is between them and God.

The outreach for the Mission is not only a wonderful opportunity for all of us to continue to share the teachings, but it is also a Great Reminder on a daily basis of our path and the goal of Be(come) Divine.

Therefore, I would like to end this report with a few quotes by Maitreya-Ji from His Satsang of 10/04/90 at The Feast of Tabernacles:

The only person you can work on is yourself. You can bring no one to the Mission. God brings them to the Mission, not you. You do your work. You do your best. Give the Message, then let them alone. If they want to come, fine. They're going to come with their heart, and they're going to belong here, feel comfortable, and accept whatever the Mission says as something that they can follow.

But if we drag them here, they don't want to be here in the first place, so they find all kinds of excuses not to be here. So just leave them alone. Give them the Message of the Mission and leave them alone. Give them to God.

...Work on myself, Help the Mission, Love the Mission, Love the teaching, and Love the things I have to do for the Mission. That's the most important thing.

All thanks to God.


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