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US, North and South Carolina

June/July 2010

Sal-Om to everyone,

During this past month I was able, ATTG, to begin giving a weekly meditation class on Mondays, at 7 PM MST, in the room Universal Mantra Meditation. All are welcome to come and enjoy (in Joy).

I received a call from a friend of mine in Asheville and out of the blue (she's always been really into church) she tells me she wants to know about the Mission and would like to see the website. So due to that request, she and I and another friend are going to get together and will enjoy a meditation class in the Universal Mantra Meditation Room and then will look at some of the website together.

At the indoor crafts market where I am vending they have put up the Mission's flyer two different stays up for two weeks at a time. And I had a young man who does spiritual healing come and talk with me several times. I shared with him that the Mission of Maitreya teaches that people should learn to heal themselves. I gave him a Mission card but he does not currently have a computer (I suggested the library). Most recently when he visited he said he was thinking about moving out to the Albuquerque area.

I was also able a put up a Mission flyer at a library in East Asheville and returned to check on has been up there now undisturbed for about two weeks. Another flyer went up in the downtown area in front of the main library there.

On the internet I signed up for the Care2 site that Tahirah had shared and also on Manifest-Station where I have posted Mission information at least twice. I have also continued to post on Alliance for a New Humanity on the Mission of Maitreya page.

It is time for the contract on the Mission's ad on to end. I am considering the possibility of placing an ad in a magazine instead, like Tahirah has in the Natural Awakenings magazine. However, I am open to feedback for any other ideas or even continuing with Yellowbook (email me at

Sal-Om until next month,

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