Email Questions to Maitreya

As mentioned in our last Newsbrief, at this year's Feast Maitreya will be available on PalTalk on three occasions to answer questions (see the Feast schedule for times). For such question and answer sessions, Maitreya prefers to have questions emailed to Him beforehand. This way He can meditate and contemplate on them in order to give the best answers possible.

Therefore, if you have a question you would like to be answered, please email it to Usually, we ask everyone to follow our Questions Policy in asking questions; however, these Feast sessions are somewhat of an exception. If Maitreya feels a question is good and that it would help people to answer it, He will do so in one of these sessions. Questions sent in via email will be answered before any questions asked in the room; therefore, the best way is to send your questions in to us beforehand.

Having Maitreya personally answer questions is a very rare and great honor. We hope everyone will take advantage of it by asking deep questions which are not already answered in THOTH, previous Satsangs, on the website, etc.

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