New Sharing Buttons
for Newsbrief

As you may know, it used to be that our monthly Newsbrief (and some of our other emails) could easily be shared on social networks and other places by clicking the 'Share' button at the very bottom of the Newsbrief or email. This was an option added by our email management provider, Constant Contact, and we always found it to be very useful.

We are happy to announce that Constant Contact has recently made this feature even better. It now appears at the very top of emails (just below the unsubscribe option) and instead of just one 'Share' button it is split into individual buttons for popular social networks, as well as a '+' button for other options. Therefore, with just one click, you can now share our Newsbrief on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or 'Like' it on Facebook. If none of these are what you want to do, you can click the '+' button to see hundreds of other social networks, as well as options to email, print, etc.

We hope everyone will use this new tool to spread our Message even further and wider throughout the Internet. Try it for this month's Newsbrief, and see how easy and effective it is!

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