We have recently discovered a service called Wisestamp which we feel could be another excellent tool to spread the Mission through social networks and over the Internet. It is an email signature app, meaning that once you install it, it automatically adds a section (a 'signature') to the bottom of your emails. These signatures can include the usual things, such as your name, phone number, credentials, etc. However, what makes Wisestamp special is that it also allows you to include automatically updating posts from social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

For example, you could set Wisestamp to follow the Mission Twitter account. Then, anytime you send an email, your signature will exhibit the Mission's most recent Tweet. If the Mission posts a new Tweet, Wisestamp automatically updates your signature, without you having to do a thing.

Another possibility is, if you post a lot of Mission materials on Facebook, you could link Wisestamp to your Facebook account, and have your Facebook posts automatically included in your emails. Even if you do not post a lot, you could link Wisestamp to the account of someone who does, and have your signature display their posts. Similar things can also be done for other social networks and websites, such as LinkedIn, Ebay, RSS feeds, etc.

Therefore, it seems like a very powerful and useful service that could greatly increase the power of the social networking outreach we do. Posts on social networks could reach not only those on the networks, but also anyone we email and communicate with. It is an exciting thought, and definitely worth looking into!

One possible problem is that it looks like Wisestamp can currently only be used with online email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. If you use an email program on your computer such as Microsoft Outlook, you will probably not be able to use it. However, if you are using an online email service, we would encourage you to investigate Wisestamp and try it out.

If you enjoy the program, find other good ways to use it, discover any advantages/disadvantages, etc., please let us know at Mission_Of_Maitreya@maitreya.org. We will also test the program and include anything important we find in future announcements.

ATTG for another great tool to spread the Mission!

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